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KFC and EEF’s joint effort brings first-ever flexible learning curriculum.

KFC Thailand, in collaboration with the EEF and the Infinite Intelligence Foundation, leads the Bucket Search Program, offering dropouts the choice between work & study or vocational education, making it possible for them to graduate and kickstart exciting and promising careers.

One of the standout prospects of the Bucket Search Program is “KFC Classroom,” an innovative out-of-the-box curriculum designed to boost vocational and entrepreneurial skills among school dropouts. With the unique opportunity to work and study at the same time as part of the learning experience, children gain hands-on experience by working at KFC restaurants, learning skills like English for business, back-office operations, service standards, safety protocols, cooking, and food hygiene.

“With schools reopening, KFC wants to make sure no child misses out on education. That’s why we’ve started a program that teaches job skills and entrepreneurship. We’re the first private company to offer such a flexible program, letting kids customize their learning to fit their interests and needs,” says Sakechai Choomuenwai, General Manager of Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Ltd. and Chairman of the KFC Foundation.

Sakechai believes this project will be a game-changer for Thai society and the economy, especially at a time when having the right skills is crucial for today’s and tomorrow’s job markets. KFC Bucket Search provides students with the educational flexibility to balance work and study. “We’re also encouraging other private sector entities with the same vision to join us and be part of the change,” he continues.

Plans to roll out the Bucket Search Program

Looking ahead, KFC plans to roll out the Bucket Search Program nationwide, targeting 40 provinces this year, with the aim to promote educational equity and empower participants to use the skills in their future careers, support themselves and their families, and contribute to the growth of the Thai economy.

“Collaborating with the private sector to provide work and study programs for dropouts is a key step toward achieving Thailand Zero Dropout. Tapping into the private sector’s strengths and capabilities can bridge the gap between education and work. According to a study conducted by EEF, about 50% of the 35,003 dropouts nationwide are looking for ways to improve their careers. However, their career-oriented preferences over traditional education may not always meet their needs. The newly co-created curriculum by KFC brings an innovative, flexible approach that addresses these needs. It allows individuals with the right experience and expertise to become teachers who can transform the lives of dropout children, helping them reach their full potential in pursuit of self-sustaining careers,” says Dr. Kraiyos Patrawart, Managing Director of EEF.

Targeting 300 school dropouts in 2024

Since its initiation in 2023, the Bucket Search Program has successfully brought 130 dropout children back into the system. With a curriculum that focuses on individual learning needs, students can design their timetables around their personal interests and requirements.

In collaboration with the EEF, KFC is committed to uplifting 300 school dropouts in 2024, reigniting their hope to achieve promising careers and bright futures. After all, at KFC, we believe no potential should be wasted.

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