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dtac let customers make bigger splashes this Songkran festival

dtac and True who are “Better Together” invite everyone to celebrate this Songkran or Thai New Year festival making water splashes with families as per age old tradition. We also wish every to have an enjoyable and safe holidays.

To celebrate this Songkran festival, dtac launches dZAAD” (d-splash) campaign with 555 Best Deals (555 in Thai is pronounced hahaha – an onomatopoeia of laughing) on a range of lifestyle products and services.

* dtac Reward Zaad Deals at just 55 Coins:

  1. 10 Baht discount at Mikka (800 Coins regular)
  2. 15 Baht discount at KOI Thé (1,200 Coins regular)
  3. 50% Discount for 1 Scoop at Swensen’s (2,600 Coins regular)
  4. 50% Discount at D’Oro (3,960 Coins regular)
  5. 1 Free Dunkin Donut (2,400 Coins regular)
  6. 24 Hours of free access to YouTube, TikTok, WeTV, Joox, and Spotify at 4Mbps (1,600 Coins regular)
  7. 30 Minutes of free call over 24 hours period (1,200 Coins regular)

* Gaming Nation – Zaad Discount for dtac Subscribers: 15% discount and up to 155 Baht on gaming top-ups for any game on the Gaming Nation platform.

* dtac GO Travel Package – for Overseas Travel 55,555 Minutes of Free Voice Roaming – 5 minutes per subscriber who sign up for GO Travel package.

* dtac Personalized Lucky Number – new collection of numbers ending with 55 – great for luck in work and money.

* Sign up with a dtac 5G Better Wonderful Pack, and get Zaad with 5 Freebies for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers:

  1. Free access to broadcast of the English Premier League throughout 2022/2023 season.
  2. Free streaming on True Unlock, iQiyi, VIU Premium, and WeTV VIP.
  3. Free 20 GB of internet at max 5G/4G speed for domestic use or 2 GB abroad throughout Asia, Australia, or the USA.
  4. Free Wi-Fi
  5. 15% Discount or up to 200 Baht on Gaming Nation top-up.

* dtac dSurance – 55 Baht discount on all insurance premiums, just use the code “DSONG55”

* dtac Pre-paid – Receive 50 GB of internet, 2X Reward Coins and free access to True Unlock for 1 year. Call *104*394# or use your dtac app

* Samsung Galaxy A34 5G for only 5,555 Baht from the regular 11,999 Baht when signed up with one of the dtac 5G Better packages.

For more information check out our website at

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