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depa and VISTEC team up for “VISAI” launch improving AI-enabled solutions

depa, together with VISTEC, officially launched VISAI and signed the Memorandum of Understanding on business and AI technology industry development with VISAI to increase the country’s capabilities in technology and advanced AI innovation through AI-enabled platforms with the concept “AI for Everyone” in getting the country ready to become the leading nation in AI technology before entering the international market.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President/CEO of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) revealed that presently, Thailand still lacks advanced technology potentially an important part in increasing the country’s competitiveness developed by Thai people. In the past, depa has collaborated with VISTEC to establish Thailand Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, mainly aiming to become the one-stop-service center for education, experiment, research, and exchange of knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as to promote and support the development of digital workforce while developing and researching datasets to answer to the rising demands of the industry and digital innovation service business sectors.

“Due to the exponentially growing demand for AI technology in the business sector of the country, depa and VISTEC launched VISAI with the objective to provide digital AI-enabled solutions in the form of a platform which everyone can easily access and put into practical use, both in the business sector and everyday life. We hope to promote learning on advanced Machine Learning as well as provide advice for the development of highly advanced AI technology in order to increase business capabilities for our partners to become national leaders in AI technology before stepping into the international market, hence Memorandum of Understanding,”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarana Nutanong, CEO of VISAI said that VISAI AI, or just VISAI, was founded this past February with great cooperation from depa. VISAI sees an opportunity in applying the mega-tech trend, by developing and presenting high-performance “AI-enabled solutions,” as well as increasing people’s accessibility to AI with the concept “AI for Everyone”. In practice, data-centric AI, having been developed similarly to service software, has a part in reducing dependency on advanced AI experts for those wishing to apply AI in their businesses. It also enables them to apply VISAI’s off-the-shelf models. Resultantly, this will reduce cost in time and personnel, which is the important factor to reduce entry barriers and increase AI accessibility on a large scale.



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