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Grab announces ‘GROW’ approach for 2021

Grab Thailand today announced its 2021 initiatives which focus on building sustainable growth for all parties on its platform through four key areas.

Under the GROW approach, Grab aims to strengthen its GrabFood leadership, continue to build good Relationship with key stakeholders, capture new business Opportunities, and uplift digital Workforce in support of Thailand 4.0.

In reaffirming its mission ‘GrabForGood,’ the company will work to enhance the micro-entrepreneurs’ access to opportunities from the rising digital economy.

Alejandro Osorio, Country Head of Grab Thailand, said, “2020 saw momentous changes in how we live, work, and operate businesses. Digital services have become a crucial part of our daily lives and a major driving force for the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grab Thailand also experienced significant growth in the past year. We have seen overall growth recovery to the pre-COVID-19 level by year-end. The total completed orders among all services in 2020 was double the 2019 number. Moreover, the year-round campaigns have driven the growth of our Food segment, which contributes to more than half of our business. 

“In 2021, as everyone adapts to a new normal, we plan to put greater focus on ensuring sustainable growth for all communities on our platform. This will be done by maintaining a balanced ecosystem and strengthening our service offerings to reinforce our position as a super app that comprehensively responds to everyday needs.”

Grab Thailand’s GROW approach: 

  1. GrabFood Leadership – Grab will maintain its strength in the food delivery service by underlining its leadership with focus on the quality of services, including the reliability, wide selection, and customer experience. Nationwide campaigns such as the Chinese New Year marketing efforts are building on the fun concept and deeply relevant to consumers, while increasing the Signature Menu offerings from more than 300 dishes.
  2. Relationship with Key Stakeholders – With the mission to use the platform to greater benefit the needs of stakeholders, as well as uplifting their quality of life, Grab plans to continue to work closely with driver-partners in getting their feedback and concerns in order to further improve platform efficiency. In addition, Grab has been supporting social sellers and merchant-partners to grow their businesses and providing them with income opportunities by providing them digital skills through training and knowledge sharing sessions, marketing tools on Grab Platform. Grab has been accelerating the onboarding process; while helping them to increase their liquidity through a fast cash-out process. In addition, the company continues to enhance consumers’ safety experience, as well as create marketing initiatives with their needs and insights in mind. 
  3. Opportunities for new business – Grab continues to increase relevance of the platform and drive its position as the everyday, everything app for Thais with the introduction of new services. Earlier this year, Grab has set up its eighth GrabKitchen branch in a high potential area, while set out plans to grow GrabMart with a wider variety of products. The company is enhancing its eWallet service, as well as launching new financial services such as loans for merchant-partners and consumers, and venturing into insurance and investment services.
  4. Digital Workforce development in support of Thailand 4.0 – Grab aims to support Thailand’s digital economy in three key areas, including the development of digital literacy, expanding digital inclusion, and increasing more earning opportunities. The company has been partnering with government agencies to provide knowledge and skills for MSMEs, as well as creating financial services that answer to the needs for driver and merchant partners. 

Worachat Luxkanalode, Executive Director for Grab Thailand and Country Head of Grab Financial Group said, “We are committed to our GrabForGood mission, and we have been supporting more than 400,000 driver- and delivery-partners as well as merchants in Thailand to utilize technology to enhance their quality of life through access to more income opportunities. In addition, Grab has supported our partners with the access to financial services such as smartphone financing, and cash loans. Grab has also been partnering with the government in increasing more distribution channels for agricultural products, as well as upskilling merchants for growing business in the digital age. In 2021, Grab aims to continue to fulfil our mission and take greater part in driving Thailand’s digital economy.”



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