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SCB 10X Portfolio Companies Merge to Become the Central Intelligence Tool for All Web3 Apps

SCB 10X, the venture investment arm of SCBX Group, announced Nansen’s (onchain analytics tool for Web 3.0) acquisition of Ape Board, the leading cross-chain DeFi and NFT portfolio management tool, to become the central intelligence tool for all Web3 applications and participants.

As a part of SCB 10X’s “Moonshot Mission”, which aims to create long-term value through investing in high potential tech startups globally, SCB 10X participated in Ape Board’s seed round, as well as Nansen’s series B round. Through its investments, the group brings potential synergies among its portfolio companies to produce further opportunities in business, funding, and additional investments. With this acquisition, SCB 10X’s two portfolio companies are uniting together to take Nansen to the next level for the go-to information super-app for all of Web 3.0.

“Ape Board is one of the most powerful cross-chain DeFi and NFT portfolio trackers on the market today,” said Mukaya (Tai) Panich, Chief Venture and Investment Officer at SCB 10X. “This acquisition was a great fit as Ape Board will be able to expand on Nansen’s core offerings. The synergies between the teams were evident, Nansen will become the portal for blockchain insights and portfolio management for end-users.”

Since its launch, Ape Board has established itself as one of the top 3 portfolio trackers by web traffic volume. Currently, it lists 400+ protocols across 36 different blockchains and one exchange, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, Fantom, Cosmos Ecosystem, and many more.

Through this acquisition, Ape Board joins Nansen’s 120-strong global team with industry-leading analysts, product managers, and engineers allowing the blockchain data analytics platforms to deliver a more holistic view of the investment landscape to its customers. Ape Board will serve as the catalyst for the launch of a number of new features that will expand the platform to include portfolio tracking, programmatic access to on-chain data, web3-native communication, and more.



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