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TCP Group strengthens its global brand through “Intellectual Property”

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has designated April 26th as World Intellectual Property Day, aiming to raise awareness about the significance of protecting intellectual property rights.

Over the years, Thailand has become increasingly aware of the importance of protecting intellectual property. The country has an average of more than 70,000 intellectual property applications per year. Last year, WIPO ranked Thailand 43rd out of 130 countries in terms of its capability for innovation. Thailand was also ranked third among ASEAN countries for innovation.

These rankings reflect the potential of the Thai people. One Thai business organization that has been working seriously to protect intellectual property since 1973 is TCP Group, starting with its “Kratingdaeng (Red Bull)” brand, which is now the world’s most popular energy drink and holds the number one market share in Southeast Asia.

Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer of TCP Group, said, “Kratingdaeng is a pioneering Thai brand that places a strong emphasis on intellectual property. This progressive vision was initially established by our founder, ‘Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya,’ who registered the ‘Kratingdaeng’ trademark for the first time 50 years ago. The company has continuously increased trademark registrations since then, investing an average of 20 million baht per year in intellectual property to manage over 2,000 trademark registrations for the TCP Group worldwide.

This includes investigations and legal action to protect the company’s intellectual property rights, coupled with marketing activities that consistently create newness and excitement for our brands. As a result, Kratingdaeng has become one of the strongest Thai brands in the international trade arena and a well-known favorite of consumers worldwide.”

The origin of the “Kratingdaeng (Red Bull)” trademark

The Kratingdaeng (Red Bull) trademark was created based on an idea of the company founder, Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya, using a pair of red bulls, which are energetic and fierce animals. The red color represents enthusiasm and determination. In the background, the sun, the most important source of human energy, represents “strength,” symbolizing the brand’s unique identity, which is used consistently in marketing efforts worldwide.

Lessons learned using IP to strengthen the “Kratingdaeng (Red Bull)” brand worldwide

  • Registering trademarks for product names in many local languages such as Thai, English, Chinese (Hong Niu which means Red Bull), Vietnamese, Burmese, and Khmer, helps to extend protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Register trademarks in all countries worldwide where products are marketed.
  • A trademark management team is established in every country where products are marketed to effectively protect intellectual property rights.
  • There have been more than 800 cases related to trademark opposition, trademark cancellations, and infringement litigation worldwide.
  • Coordinate with intellectual property agencies in multiple countries to exchange information, allowing officers to become familiar with TCP Group trademarks and product samples to better assist in investigations of trademark infringement.
  • Participate in the International Trademark Association conference every year to exchange knowledge and gain understanding of new laws with government officials and intellectual property attorneys, along with joining a committee related to intellectual property with other entrepreneurs from around the world.

Key marketing initiatives enhance brand power

  • Kratingdaeng (Red Bull) was one of the first brands to initiate promotional activities such as an “under the lid” lucky draw. This phenomenon, which started in 1978, created a leap of growth for the brand. It continues to be used as a marketing strategy to encourage engagement with customers.
  • The “Historic Road Ratchadamnoen – Red Bull, Bangkok 2010” was the first and only time in Thailand that this activity was held. It provided a great experience by demonstrating the driving performance of Formula 1 championship teams, generating overwhelming interest from both Thais and foreigners. The event was so popular that Ratchadamnoen Avenue was packed with fans on both sides.
  • Kratingdaeng (Red Bull) continuously collaborates with various partners to develop new products and sponsorships. As a result, the Kratingdaeng (Red Bull) trademark appears on many other products, such as Halls XS Red Bull candy, Dentyne Splash Red Bull gum, Molto x Red Bull ice cream, and T-shirts for the Bacon Time Esports team.

“TCP Group’s commitment to implement intellectual property protection plays an important role in driving the company’s growth and success by protecting our brand identity and always creating value for the brand. It also builds confidence among consumers in the quality of our products that meet the same standards worldwide, enabling TCP Group to maintain a leading position in the market and become recognized and successful on a global scale (with Forbes ranking Red Bull as the 69th most valuable brand in the world in 2020),” concluded Saravoot.



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