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Jorakay unveils green strategic plan to raise sales to 4.1 billion baht in 2024.

Jorakay Corporation Company Limited unveils a strategic plan to enter the market in 2024, emphasizing eco-friendly production practices while expanding its customer base. With a focus on chemical products and paint (SEE Jorakay), poised for significant growth, the company targets a sales increase to 4.1 billion baht in 2024.

Suppapong Phetsuit, Chairman of Executive Committee and President, Jorakay Corporation Co., Ltd., says, “In terms of overall business, Jorakay maintains its leading position with its tile adhesive and cement grout product group, which has consistently held the top spot in the market for an extended period. The tile adhesive and cement grout market in 2023 was valued between 4 to 4.5 billion baht, with the company commanding a market share of over 50%.”

“We strive to ensure customers understand that Jorakay provides a broad array of construction materials, extending well beyond tile adhesive and grout. Our diverse product lineup spans from foundation to roof, offering comprehensive solutions for all construction needs. At the Architect Expo’2024, we showcase ‘Jorakay Expert’, emphasizing our commitment to delivering ‘Innovation for your family’s happiness’.

Jirat Sirichalermpong, Senior Vice President, Jorakay Corporation Co., Ltd., adds “In 2024, we observe significant shifts in innovation trends within the construction industry, encompassing materials, techniques, and the integration of technology to enhance efficiency and safety. A prominent trend we see is that modern consumers are increasingly willing to invest in higher-priced products that offer superior quality and environmental sustainability. Jorakay remains committed to developing construction materials that enhance users’ quality of life while prioritizing environmental care. At this event, we introduce Crocodile Road Fix Express, an innovative fast-setting mortar designed for concrete road resurfacing. Unlike conventional methods that require a lengthy process spanning several days, our product enables access to the area within just six hours. Moreover, it can be applied on thin surfaces, ranging from 2 to 5 millimeters. Crucially, Crocodile Road Fix Express boasts an impressive capability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 97% compared to traditional road repair methods. By addressing both speed limitations and environmental concerns, this product exemplifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability in a single solution.”

Woraphot Tangmanuswong, Vice President – Marketing, Jorakay Corporation Co., Ltd., elaborates on the key features of the “Jorakay Pavilion 2024” showcased at the Architect Expo 2024, with the objective of embodying the essence of “Jorakay Expert” through a distinctively unique exhibition design integrated with multimedia elements. The pavilion aims to offer visitors the JORAKAY: Immersive Total Home Solution Experience, structured into four distinct clusters:

  • Cluster 1: JORAKAY EXPERT – Delve into Jorakay’s 32-year journey of success in the construction industry, experiencing firsthand the milestones and achievements that define our expertise.
  • Cluster 2: FLOORING INNOVATION – Addressing the diverse needs of concrete flooring, residential spaces, roads, and industrial settings, this cluster offers comprehensive solutions for every flooring requirement. A highlight of the expo is the launch of Crocodile Road Fix Express, a groundbreaking product capable of repairing thin concrete road surfaces, with access restored within just 6 hours.
  • Cluster 3: EXPERT SOLUTIONS, EXPERT RESULTS – Presenting cutting-edge construction products tailored for professionals:
    • Jorakay’s flooring innovation offers a comprehensive range covering all aspects of flooring works.
    • Jorakay’s innovative grouts introduce a new dimension to design by incorporating colored grouts for walls and floors, including a notable collaboration with Rukkit to produce stunning grout-art combinations.
    • Chemical products such as Waterproofing solutions cater to various building types, effectively preventing leakage issues from foundations, walls, bathrooms, and roofs.
  • Cluster 4: SEE JORAKAY – Under the theme of safety and natural colors, Jorakay introduces revolutionary paint products, distinguishing itself as Thailand’s first and only brand to utilize natural limestone as a primary ingredient. Enhanced with graphene technology for atomic-level strength and heat distribution, SEE Jorakay GrafClean Premium offers safe, matte colors that minimize light reflection, promoting comfort and relaxation for residents. Additionally, the SEE Jorakay Easy Clean line ensures easy maintenance and safety.

“In addition to showcasing our brand’s success and innovation through the four clusters, we aspire for visitors to the Jorakay booth at this year’s expo to find inspiration for constructing, expanding, or renovating homes and buildings, prioritizing well-being through the utilization of our environmentally conscious products. Beyond merely presenting our offerings at the Architect Expo, Jorakay has devised plans and campaigns across various product categories to promote throughout the year.”

Building upon the achievements of the past year and outlining Jorakay’s goals for 2024, Mr. Supaphong stated, “In 2023, our business yielded a revenue of 3.7 billion baht. Furthermore, this year marks our expansion into overseas markets, with the establishment of an office in Ho Chi Minh City, located in the south of Vietnam, operating under the name Jorakay Vietnam Company Limited. This strategic move aims to seize new opportunities and further strengthen our presence abroad.”

“Simultaneously, for the domestic market, we have devised a strategy centered around the “Jorakay Shop” model, leveraging distributors to facilitate widespread product distribution and meet the escalating demand. This includes the utilization of e-commerce channels and proactive engagement with our primary customer base through the Loyalty Program platform on our Line Official Account, named “JORAKAY FAMILY”, fostering close communication and offering tailored benefits. These perks encompass opportunities such as applying for technical training sessions with Jorakay Academy. Currently, our membership stands at approximately 12,000 individuals, and we aim to continually expand this base. Additionally, we engage with consumers through various online channels via social media platforms to effectively reach a wider audience of end users.”

“In 2024, we have set a sales target of 4.1 billion baht, representing an increase of approximately 10% from the previous year. Our focus will primarily be on two key product groups: construction chemical products and SEE JORAKAY paint, Thailand’s pioneering safe and natural paint solution. We aim to achieve sales of 800 million baht from these product lines. Furthermore, we are committed to expanding our presence in Vietnam, targeting revenue of 150 million baht from the construction materials market in that region. Additionally, we are poised to venture into new markets in Malaysia, leveraging support from both the domestic and global economies, which are showing signs of recovery. The low carbon economic policy presents a favorable opportunity for Jorakay to penetrate these markets. In line with our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we will continue to develop products that meet stringent standards and address the evolving needs of healthy residential construction while remaining environmentally friendly. Our ultimate goal is to enhance quality of life and contribute to the creation of a sustainable world,” concluded Suppapong

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