True Digital brings MorDee, Telemedicine technology to powers up CIB police mental health

True Digital Group brings MorDee’ s physician team to uplift welfare and wellbeing for Thai police, collaborating with Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) to create mind and body balance for CIB police in order to be ready in taking care of the people efficiently.

Central Pattana celebrates Pride for All 2024 nationwide: over 46 spectacular events in 20 provinces

Central Pattana plc, and public-private partners unite for Thailand's Pride Celebration 2024 "Pride For All", spanning north to south with over 46 events across 20 provinces.

AIS encourages Thai people to recognize their self-worth on Stop Cyberbullying Day.

On Stop Cyberbullying Day, AIS Aunjai CYBER initiative, aims to encourage Thais to value and believe in themselves.

AIS Partners with Ministry on ‘Think-in-advance Mission’ for Societal Wellbeing”

In 2018, AIS Academy launched the "Think-in-advance Mission" project, aimed at supporting Thai society

2024 Survey Reveals ‘Environmental Problems and Pollution’ as the Top Concern for Thais.

The environment continues to be a key concern for Thailand and again rates highest of all public concerns in 2024

TCP Legacy Museum : A landmark that explores the legendary history of energy drinks.

TCP Group, is celebrating its 68th anniversary with the grand opening of the TCP Legacy Museum, a gateway to explore the historic success of the global energy drink

Culture Catalysts: How this team transformed telco titans into telecom-tech innovators

On March 1, the amalgamation of True Corporation and Total Access Communication under True Corporation Public Company Limited’s banner will mark its first anniversary.

“Take a break Turn on Happiness” AIS launches Social Detox campaign

On Safer Internet Day this year, AIS AUNJAICYBER CYBER chooses to interpret safe internet usage as achieving a “balance” on the screen

True invites you to build immunity for Thai children on Safer Internet Day

In the era when new generation growing up with technology and familiarity with digital devices, it is found that Thai children spend more than 12 hours

‘ARTSTORY Creative Hub’, learning and creative space where autistic artists share their skills.

The Autistic Thai Foundation, In collaboration with CP Group and True Corporation, have launched “ARTSTORY Creative Hub."



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