Generative AI: Help or Harm?

Generative AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence that is designed to generate new content or data that is original and realistic, based on patterns and structures learned from existing data.

Beyond ChatGPT: The Future of Generative AI for Enterprises

ChatGPT, while cool, is just the beginning; enterprise uses for generative AI are far more sophisticated.

Alliance Laundry optimistic about market growth in 2023

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, the global leader in commercial laundry equipment, is confident that the Thai market will keep growing in 2023.

SCG expands portfolio to meet global changes

SCG expands its portfolio to provide a wider range of solutions to address evolving needs. It provides solutions for the constantly-changing world

The future of healthcare is in the cloud

Technology adoption in healthcare has been historically slow compared to other industries, mostly due to its highly regulated nature. For a long time, cloud adoption was no different.

Quick commerce, new trend or just a fad?

Amidst the astonishing rise of e-commerce across Southeast Asia, quick commerce has become the latest red-hot market.

How to ensure a seamless & successful Mega Sale campaign?

Ecommerce in Thailand has evolved and grown over the years, accelerating even more following the impact of the pandemic.

CarTrust aims to unlock the potential of Thailand’s second-hand car market

CarTrust is filling the gap and helping consumers to buy quality second-hand cars from trustworthy dealers.

IKEA opens the Circular Shop and Recycling Centre at IKEA Bang Yai

IKEA Thailand launched two new services, a Circular Shop and a Recycling Centre in support of IKEA's journey towards becoming a Circular Business by 2030

dtac clinches four Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards

In the 2021 Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards, dtac...



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