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dtac clinches four Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards

In the 2021 Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards, dtac got top honors in Career Development, Excellence in Training, HR Strategy in Line with Business, Health in the Workplace.

The awards reflect dtac’s pioneering approach to employee empowerment: a self-serve platform for employees to plan their careers, flexible work from home policies and a “tight-loose-tight” management style.

Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer of dtac said, “dtac’s quadruple-win in the 2021 Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards is confirmation that our customers are best served by empowering the employees closest to them. Whether dtac is launching a platform for employees to take ownership of their careers or implementing flexible work across all our offices, our guiding principle is ‘tight-loose-tight.’ We are clear on expectations, but we allow employees to execute on our ambitions the way they feel will deliver the most impact. And finally, we measure results very consistently. This makes for happier customers and employees alike.”

Award in Career Development

dtac’s PromptGrow platform enables employees to assess themselves online, chart their career goals, and close the gaps that will allow them to fulfill their ambitions.

Award in Excellence in Training

In addition to a vast library of online courses in the dtac Academy, a comprehensive coaching program retrained dtac’s leaders in the ‘tight-loose-tight’ management style.

Best HR Strategy in Line with Business

The dtac strategy of rapid digital transformation is fully supported by a modernization program that has developed the expertise of individual contributors and reorganized teams to bring them closer to customers.

Promoting Health in the Workplace

dtac embraced work from home more rapidly and widely that any organization of its size. Today, about 95 percent of dtac’s office workers have embraced flexible work, meaning they work outside of the office at least partially.

The 2021 Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards are organized by the Human Resources Management Institute (World HRD Congress), CHRO Asia, and the Employee Branding Institute to honor Thai organizations for their achievements in human resources management.



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