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dtac and Sunday Ins launches a suite of first class EV insurance

dtac dSurance, in synergy with Sunday Ins, launches a suite of First Class insurance products for Electric Vehicles featuring comprehensive coverage at accessible premiums. Introductory prices are at a 15% discount when customers buy a dSurance policy in the dtac app or the website

Since 2022, the Thai EV market has been growing by leaps and bounds which the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) explaining that because more consumers are realizing that EVs can reduce fuel expenses significantly while helping to conserve the environment. The market is further accelerated by government tariff incentives with up to 150,000 Baht of rebate per unit thus making the latest EV offerings less expensive than before. Most current models are also more attractive in design which further interests target customers.

The number of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) registered so far this year has increased by 260% from the same period last year. The figure from only Q1 2023 is already as many as the whole of last year. This jump can be attributed to the debut of two big brand names: BYD and Tesla.

The registration figures for Hybrid Electric Vehicles or HEV are also enjoying a high growth of 79% over the same period last year. The recent Bangkok Motor Show offered a wider range of HEVs to satisfy consumer demands.

EV insurance is dearer than for conventional vehicles

The heart of an EV is the battery pack which cannot be repaired in part, so in some incidents, the whole battery pack may need replacing, which may cost up to 70-80% of the vehicle price. In general, insurance policies for EVs are approximately 10% more expensive than for internal combustion engine vehicles. To support EV customers, dtac dSurance launches insurance products for popular EV models with high levels of coverage yet with low premiums, and 15% discounts when you act soon for the following:

  • MG ZS EV with up to 810,000 Baht coverage for a premium starting at 18,275 Baht per year*.
  • ORA Good Cat with up to 1,000,000 Baht coverage for a premium starting at 19,125 Baht per year*.
  • Tesla Model 3 with up to 1,850,000 Baht coverage for a premium starting at 42,500 Baht per year*.
  • Tesla Model Y with up to 2,000,000 Baht coverage for a premium starting at 43,350 Baht per year*.

*Price after discount

You can access dtac dSurance conveniently via the dtac app and choose the insurance type and package you want, fill in the forms, pick how to pay, and wait a moment to receive SMS confirmation. You will receive a soft copy of the insurance policy just moments after the purchase is completed and confirmed. For more information, please check out your dtac app, our website at, or contact dtac Call Center at 1678.

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