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24/7 Doctor consultation – How Melon Medical X dtac OneCall solution offers new levels of customer experience

Melon Medical, the telemedicine platform developed by Thai doctors, chose the dtac OneCall solution for 24/7 call center service to elevate their remote medicine services. Telemedicine became key to handling healthcare for millions of people across the country with the emergence of COVID-19, enabling patients to stay home and be remotely diagnosed by their doctors. Melon Medical also features telemedicine for Thai travelers abroad.

From Telesupport to Telemedicine

Jomkwan Wanitchakarnchai, CEO and Co-Founder of Melon Medical, revealed that Melon Medical did not start as a telemedicine service for travelers going overseas, but grew from the effort to support COVID-19-positive Thai people who had not received proper medical attention.

Melon Medical was founded by a team comprising medical and hospital administration professionals to offer telemedicine services. The service includes logistics support for medical equipment to be used with patients and follow-ups for up to 14 days. Melon Medical worked with the National Health Security Office (NHSO) in developing their platform.

Melon Medical continues to offer telemedicine despite the alleviation of COVID-19, as the company’s superior services have become class-leading, thanks to the strong core team of doctors. The co-founders include Dr. Naphan Buarabporn, a plastic surgeon at Samut Prakan Hospital, Dr. Kanyakorn Wangsathaporn, an ayurvedic medicine specialist at Phayathai 2 Hospital, and Dr. Nuttapatsorn Wiwatsombat, a dermatologist at the Dermatology Institute, Department of Medicine. Also included are Dr. Roekchai Tulyapronchote, Director of the Stroke Center at Bamrungraj Hospital, and Dr. Narit Chaipattarakit, opthalmologist at Kabinburi Hospital. Administration and business are overseen by Ms. Thamonwan Vichit, Chief People Officer (CPO), and Mr. Pattana Lee, Chief of Business Development (CBD).

Doctor in your pocket

Anyone who has ever been ill while traveling abroad would know how difficult it is trying to overcome the language barrier and local medical protocol. To address this pain point, for 3,990 Baht, Melon Safe Travel Package offers 24/7 telemedicine service for a period of 14 days covering 5 persons for you to consult with a Thai doctor. The package also includes OTC medicine for 11 symptoms that commonly occur during a trip – it is like having a doctor in your pocket wherever you go for under a thousand Baht per person.

No App is Needed, Just Consult a Doctor Online

Many telemedicine services require downloading and installing their apps and registering. These add to more hassle and are a nightmare for the elderly in particular who have limited access or familiarity with smartphones and digital competency, often requiring asking others for assistance. So the question is could there be a truly inclusive telemedicine service?

Yes! Melon Medical developed telemedicine service via Line, the popular chat app that most Thai people are familiar with. This means  no additional app to download and  – for most people – no learning curve, even for senior citizens who in many cases are already using the Line app daily. This way, anyone who can use a smartphone can communicate with Melon Medical for any inquiries, doctor appointments, payments, prescriptions, or even house calls – all done on the Line app.

dtac OneCall Enhances Telemedicine Service

Miss Jomkwan explained that the key to telemedicine is communication – it needs to be crystal clear – not just the audio and video quality, but more importantly, the meaning. This is why Melon Medical chooses dtac OneCall service for its superior handling of busy lines as shown during the past COVID-19 pandemic peaks, even with 14-day follow-up requirements. Melon Medical also uses dtac OneCall for internal communications where the automatic voice recording contributes to more efficient customer representative training. Another key difference is that switching to dtac OneCall is easier than most enterprises believe, allowing you to enhance your workflow efficiency and more importantly elevate the customer journey.

Novel Services On the Way for Melon Medical

Melon Medical is not sitting back content with its present success, but is developing new services such as Mobile Check-ups and vaccinations for corporate clients. On the horizon are new telemedicine services for dermatology consultation and mental health consultation which is highly trending. In short, Melon Medical is a comprehensive telemedicine platform where you can conveniently and remotely consult with a qualified doctor, backed by full laboratory work services and prescriptions that can be delivered directly to your door 24/7.

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