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dtac, Telenor, and Google Cloud to empower Thai businesses’ digital transformation efforts with first-of-Its-kind B-LAB

Total Access Communication PLC (dtac) has entered into a strategic partnership with Telenor and Google Cloud to help Thai businesses accelerate digital transformation. Together, the organizations have developed and launched dtac B-LAB – a one-stop solutions platform – to help businesses connect, learn, and grow. dtac B-LAB is designed to empower local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to fully digitalize their businesses and achieve profitable growth, by providing access to a knowledge hub and tailored software as a service (SaaS) and mobile connectivity solutions.

How B-LAB Began

B-LAB is the brainchild of dtac, Telenor, and Google Cloud, as a part of their shared commitment toward holistically addressing businesses’ dynamic needs in today’s digital-first landscape. What started as a joint internal transformation project quickly evolved into a new vision for better serving and supporting Thai SMEs. The combined expertise of Google Cloud teams across Europe and Asia, Telenor teams in Norway and Poland, and the full dtac business team in Thailand was required to bring this project to life.

Research by dtac revealed that one of the biggest barriers holding back businesses’ digital adoption is the shortage of relevant competencies and skills. The three organizations have therefore built a rich community ecosystem on dtac B-LAB that offers educational content, certification courses, and seminars focusing on digital skills, emerging business trends, and future readiness. To further enable digital transformation powered by best-in-class cloud and connectivity technologies, a wide range of tailored solutions have also been made available on the platform’s digital marketplace.

Sadat Ibne Zaman, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC, said: “dtac Business’ vision is to go beyond mobile connectivity, by working with world-class technology providers to curate the right products and services for businesses to thrive in today’s digital era. A deep understanding of our customers’ pain points has helped us develop solutions that are easily accessible, user friendly, and customer-centric. For instance, what we’re hearing from startups is they need new options to reduce costs, improve team collaboration and data storage security, and insights to help them stay ahead of current and future market trends.

B-LAB can be leveraged by single proprietorships like online retailers, freelancers, content creators, lawyers, accountants, or consultants. It’s great for businesses that work in teams, such as media agencies, health clinics, or car dealerships with several branches. It meets the needs of businesses large or small in any industry, regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer.”

April Srivikorn, Country Manager, Thailand, Google Cloud, said: “Efforts that support the growth of small and medium businesses will be an essential driver of Thailand’s future economic development. SME owners have also been seeking three things that are essential for growth: tools to establish or reinforce their online presence, capabilities to deliver personalized engagement to digital-first users, and the right skills to put these tools and capabilities to effective use. This is why we have been collaborating very closely with dtac and Telenor to build and bring to market B-LAB, an all-in-one platform that provides the necessary data-powered capabilities, employee communication and collaboration tools, and digital skills for SMEs in metro and non-metro areas to become tomorrow’s established enterprises – at a scale only made possible by combining market-leading cloud and connectivity technologies.”

B-LAB’s Three Key Pillars:

  1. Connect SME owners and enable them to share their experiences and best practices for operating a business more efficiently and successfully.
  2. Learn from resources that deliver knowledge and insights into digital skills, business trends, and future readiness.
  3. Grow using best-in-class SaaS, cloud, and mobile connectivity solutions, including Google Workspace and the full dtac product suite.

Built on Google Cloud’s industry-leading cloud-native communication and collaboration platform, Google Workspace brings together the applications people know and love – like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Chat, Meet, and more – into a single, integrated workspace, with built-in enterprise-grade access management, device management, data protection, and data encryption, to establish a secure remote working environment from anywhere, on any device.

Sign up for Google Workspace on dtac B-LAB to get the best deals and after sales support from dtac business personnel. These deals include the following:

  • Packages starting from only THB 92.50 per month per user for the Business Starter offering – at a 50% discount
  • Free email domain for businesses with two or more Google Workspace users
  • Free 30-day trial

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