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AIS – Bangkok, Organizing the “Cool Teen Stop Cyber Threats”

The results of the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index 2023 (TCWI) study on the digital health indicators of Thai individuals reveal that among the age group of 10-15 years old in the Bangkok area, more than 82.97% are at a developmental skill.

This indicates that they are at risk of cyber threats. Additionally, it was found that 81.49% lack of digital skills, and 75.15% lack of Cyber Security and Safety Skills. In response to these findings, AIS and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have collaborated on the ” AIS Aunjai Cyber” initiative. Through the implementation of the “ Aunjai Cyber Course,” 437 schools in Bangkok have participated, involving teachers, education personnel, and students in digital skills learning.

Most recently, the ” AIS Aunjai Cyber – Bangkok School Tour: Cool Teen Stop Cyber Threats” event has taken a proactive approach, incorporating the concept of Gamification or the world of learning through games. This initiative has been implemented in four leading schools: Naluang School, Watyairom School (Wattana Radangkorn), Prachauthit School (Chanthaboon Anusorn) and Bangkapi School.

The objective is to transform these schools into Cyber-Safe Schools while expanding the impact on digital development. The aim is to elevate the use of media and the online world for educational personnel and students in the 437 affiliated schools in Bangkok, totaling over 250,000 individuals. They will be enrolled in the Cyber Wellness Course, receiving certificates within the academic year 2024.

AIS, in collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, will continue to tailor the promotion format appropriately, integrating the “Aunjai Cyber Course” to align with the learning indicators that support computational and critical thinking skills for the affiliated schools in Bangkok in the upcoming years.

Sanon Wangsrangboon, Deputy Governor of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration commented, “The Gen Z or children in the primary and secondary school age group are growing up alongside the digital world, making them familiar with various digital formats. However, on the flip side, they are also exposed to hidden dangers associated with unaware usage. In the past, we emphasized the importance of enhancing digital literacy to empower children and adolescents to stay abreast of cyber threats, aligning with the educational mission of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration this year. We aim to instill critical thinking skills in students.

Collaborating with AIS, we have incorporated digital curriculum principles, such as the “Aunjai Cyber Course,” in Bangkok schools. Our goal is to integrate these principles into the teaching methods of teachers, reaching students in the 437 affiliated schools in Bangkok. Together, we have organized pioneering activities in four areas, namely Naluang School, Watyairom School (Wattana Radangkorn), Prachauthit School (Chanthaboon Anusorn) and Bangkapi School. The key objective is to establish model schools where teachers, students, and personnel, through the study of the Aunjai Cyber Course, possess comprehensive digital skills. We intend to continue working together to create 100% Cyber-Safe Schools in the academic year 2024, addressing challenges and guiding students and youth in the Bangkok area to use the online world correctly, safely, and creatively.”

Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations and Business Relations AIS said “Cool Teen Stop Cyber Threats” initiative stems from the collaboration between AIS and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to promote digital learning skills among students.

Our intention is to convey the content from the Aunjai Cyber in a gamified format, making it easily accessible and enjoyable for students. Beyond the element of fun, the activities also integrate knowledge about safe online usage, encouraging further learning on digital platforms. This initiative marks a significant starting point in building cybersecurity resilience among students.

By gamifying the content, we aim to engage students not only in a playful manner but also to impart practical knowledge that can be applied in their digital activities. This event serves as a crucial starting point in our efforts to enhance cybersecurity awareness and skills among students and youth.

We hope that this initiative will contribute to improving the digital well-being of students in Bangkok, leading to the resolution and reduction of issues arising from online activities. Aunjai Cyber Course is positioned as a central hub in raising awareness because we believe it will drive sustainable solutions to address cyber threats effectively.”

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