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DigiTech ASEAN Thailand moves the technology community forward

DigiTech ASEAN Thailand 2023, a strategic collaboration among Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), National Innovation Agency (NIA) and IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, is the catalyst that connects key industry figures, decision makers, manufacturers, distributors, the technology community, experts, and like-minded professionals face-to-face hailing from more than 10 countries from across the world to explore the latest advancements from upward of 300 top digital brands as well as the digital maturity and is slated to attract more than 500 exhibiting companies and 5,000+ attendees and buyers worldwide from November 22 – 24, 2023 at Hall 7, the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center.    

Peerayaphan Pongsanam, Senior Manager, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., says “Digital technologies play their pivotal roles in driving the economy forward. These days, we surround ourselves with the digital data and can have access to any information on any entity at anytime from anywhere. Truly powerful and pivotal, digital data plays a key role in the emerging world, making our lives easier through innovative technology developments. Digital transformation is not a hype but a long-term development that will continue to remain steadfast and thrive. The event is able to draw in nearly 300 top digital brands from foreign countries namely China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, USA and Thailand to showcase their latest innovations.”  

She continues, “On the vibrant tradeshow floor, participants have access to the convergence of technology and real-world applications, business software (CRM, HRD & HRC, Procurement, ERP, and more,) artificial intelligence, cyber security, E-commerce and digital marketing, data & cloud, smart solutions and loT, 5G technology and network, and web 3.0. The event also features special pavilions from more than 29 companies from Korea and 20 companies from Hong Kong making DigiTech Asean Thailand the absolute IT and digital solutions platform for small, medium, and large companies seeking to capitalize on software and technologies to advance their sales and marketing as well as hiring process, production, and business strategic planning.”

The partnership between Ministry of Digital Economy & Society, Thailand and Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, the host organizations, along with support from the private sector and government such as Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), G-Able Public Company Limited, InsightEra Co., Ltd., Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., EPISODE Limited , Kasikorn X, Google, Ingram Micro (Thailand) Ltd., United Information Highway Co., Ltd., Aldagram Inc, Lark Technologies, Azentio Software, JST ERP Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Zoho Corporation, Alibaba Cloud (Thailand) Co., Ltd, Kintone Thailand, myHR Corporation Limited, OMNIKUB Co., Ltd, Tencent Cloud, Noventiq Thailand and KYOCERA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

In addition to exhibitions and showcases, DigiTech ASEAN Thailand will also feature technology presentations, led by industry experts and thought leaders, covering compelling topics such as the Thai supercomputer, the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the beginning to the future, Google Cloud, and the power of AI for customer loyalty, HR digital transformation, digital transformation for manufacturers, and AI orientation by Software Park Thailand.

Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, president of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) says “depa has a multifaceted mission ranging from developing digital workforce capabilities to creating digital ecosystems and enhancing digital infrastructure. Our goal is to drive Thailand’s digital economy forward. We are committed to promoting and supporting the application of digital technology across various sectors, including the public, communities, agriculture, and businesses of all sizes. This includes small, medium, and large enterprises. Our aim is to elevate businesses through digital technology and innovation.

We focus on reducing costs, improving the production of goods and services, enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing productivity. Ultimately, we strive to create a competitive advantage for businesses in the long run. The DigiTech ASEAN Thailand 2023 event is a crucial platform for business and knowledge, bringing together comprehensive solutions in technology and digital. It is an opportunity for everyone to experience and explore new technologies that can ignite business development.

I would like to invite everyone to join us at DigiTech ASEAN Thailad 2023, where we showcase cutting-edge technology solutions that contribute to the advancement of businesses in the digital era.”

Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, chief executive officer of G-Able Public Company Limited says “As a leading Tech Enabler in Thailand, G-Able believes that successfully navigating the challenges of Digital Transformation in businesses requires clear organizational goals, strategic planning, incorporating digital elements into operations, and staying updated on new technology trends to enhance organizational efficiency.

Another crucial aspect for high-level executives to consider in achieving genuine Digital Transformation is establishing partnerships with expert organizations specializing in organizational development. These partners should be strong collaborators capable of providing consultation aligned with the organization’s strategic plans, establishing IT infrastructure, and connecting with emerging technologies. Additionally, they should oversee projects smoothly end-to-end and offer diverse solutions to cover all service aspects.

These solutions may include Cloud-based operating systems, Big Data Analytics for large-scale data analysis, Social Listening systems for market development that caters to customer needs, 24/7 cybersecurity to safeguard crucial organizational data, and the integration of Generative AI. This new technology trend is reshaping our work methods, making organizational operations more efficient and accelerating business growth.

With G-Able’s 34 years of experience, we are a key IT partner behind the scenes, developing technology infrastructure and digital solutions (Digital Transformation) for various organizations. We have earned trust from over 1,000 leading organizations across industries, contributing to sustainable business growth.”

Sunti Methavikul, Managing Director of United Information Highway Co., Ltd. (UIH), states that “in 2024, Digital Transformation will intensify. Therefore, various organizations must adapt swiftly, giving importance to six key strategies including Change Mindset: Foster a mindset open to change and adaptability, AI Adoption: Embrace AI, given its rapid development, including technologies like Generative AI, Digital Workspace: Design and implement a digital workspace for enhanced operational efficiency., Future Workforce: Strategically develop the workforce over the next 1-3 years to ensure readiness for changes, Cybersecurity: Have experts oversee overall security to prevent data breaches and Sustainability Technology: Prioritize sustainable technology for achieving Net Zero goals by 2050.

As an official partner of Google, UIH has elevated its service capabilities to meet evolving customer needs across industries, both in the public and private sectors. UIH is strategically planning Digital Transformation initiatives for leading organizations in Thailand. The collaboration with Google aims to provide innovative solutions, particularly in AI, Data, Digital Workspace, E-Commerce, and Cloud services. This partnership positions UIH to confidently navigate and thrive in the digital era.”

Nevertheless, given the paramount importance of Digital Transformation as a significant driver of current business growth, it is expected that the DigiTech ASEAN Thailand 2023 event will garner interest, with over 5,000 participants engaging in business negotiations from various countries. For those interested, you can pre-register for the event (free to attend) via

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