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AIS completes the acquisition of 3BB shares

AIS has successfully completed the acquisition of 3BB shares and JASIF investment units.

Following the approval from the NBTC, Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited (AWN), a subsidiary of AIS, acquired shares of Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited (3BB) to enhance internet services nationwide. This move integrates 3BB into the AIS group and establishes ownership of investment units in JASIF.

Both AIS Fibre and 3BB customers can continue to enjoy seamless services with enhanced network coverage, modern innovations, and diverse digital content offerings.

Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) is the 5G Digital Service Provider with the most spectra to provide service, totalling 1460MHz (including spectra from partnership with NT, pending NBTC approval).

The company has 44.4 million subscribers as of September 2023. AIS powers Thailand with 5G technology through 4 core businesses: mobile phones, high-speed home broadband through AIS Fibre, Enterprise Services and Digital Services in 5 aspects of video, cloud, digital payments, the Internet of Things (IoT) and services provided jointly with partners in new business sectors.

In realizing the vision of becoming a Cognitive Tech-Co, AIS will leverage its potential to support a robust digital infrastructure for the country, boost the industrial sector’s competitive potential and upgrade quality of life for all Thais. Find us at



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