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Eventpop launches virtual experience service

Eventpop is delighted to introduce “EventpopxTheShock”, the first ever paranormal virtual experience, featured by the famous host of a radio show “The Shock” and a professional online event organizing team from Eventpop on Friday 5th of June 2020.

This event is designed for the team to investigate the hospital in Navanakorn, a location reported to be haunted, while attendees can interact and communicate with the host real time.Tickets will be available at

With more than 840K subscribers on The Shock’s youtube channel along with a growing number of people who are interested in ghost and spooky stories, has led to the initiative idea of this project. Not only this event is the first paranormal reality-like show where 2 random volunteers are selected to join the paranormal investigation but it also gives an exclusive experience for viewers to be able to communicate with the host by giving missions or help assisting the team directly.

Previously, Eventpop received a positive feedback after successfully hosted ‘Cooking Burgers with Taiki’ by chef Taiki Tsubota-the owner of Homeburg and Bun Meat&Cheese restaurant, a virtual cooking class where attendees learn to recreated the chef’s signature burger upon receiving ingredients at home.

It is noticeable that the event industry has been using technology widely to create virtual experiences. This shows the tendency that people will be adopting online solution as a new normal and a way to stay connected when they are physically separated. We believe that EventpopxTheShock will be able to create excitement for everyone who loves and enjoys paranormal activities and deliver the exceptional experience we could possibly offer. Stay tuned for more details at



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