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BMW Thailand cements no.1 position in Thai premium automotive segment for 3 consecutive years

BMW Group Thailand has marked yet another major achievement, announcing its 2022 business performance results, showcasing strong registration record. The company saw significant growth of vehicle registrations across all its major product ranges, driven by increasing demand for state-of-the-art vehicles among customers and the successful implementation of its strategic marketing and customer initiatives last year.

BMW and MINI have achieved a major milestone by maintaining the lead in Thailand’s premium market three years in a row. Both brands have seen a significant increase in their segment share, rising to 46.6% in the premium automotive market with a total of 15,010 vehicles registered, a healthy climb of 36.1% year-on-year, with 13,572 BMW vehicles, and 1,438 MINI vehicles registered.

Alexander Baraka, President and CEO of BMW Group Thailand, said: “At BMW Group Thailand, we are constantly committed to moving our business forward and staying at the forefront of Thailand’s premium automotive segment. We are pleased to see that our commitment to producing the most innovative products and offering exceptional customer experiences throughout 2022 is paying off. Despite the continuing challenges last year, we, together with our BMW and MINI dealer partners, have proven time and time again that we can master challenging economic conditions, emerging even stronger than before for the benefits of our customers.”

“The brand’s attractive product line up, which is pushing toward greater sustainability, is proving extremely popular with customers. This is reflected in the high segment share of 40.8%, with 535 vehicles registered in the premium BEV market, increasing five-fold from the previous year, for the five BEV models launched in the Thai market: BMW iX3, BMW iX, BMW i4, BMW i7, and MINI Cooper SE.

Additionally, BMW Motorrad has achieved a significant milestone in the market for motorcycles above 500 cc, with the highest-ever segment share of 10.3%, while maintaining a strong performance in all its product range with a total of 1,293 registrations, an 8% growth year-on-year, indicating the increasing popularity of BMW Motorrad among customers. We are also ready to serve consumers demand in the electric motorcycle segment with the BMW CE 04 which was launched last year.”

“Maintaining the number one position in the premium segment for three consecutive years is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, authorised dealers, and partners. We have all contributed to this success by working our best to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, which provides BMW Group Thailand with a competitive edge in the market and enables us to retain outstanding long-term business performance.

More importantly, all of our contribution is reflected in the highest-ever NPS score in both sales and services in 2022, proving a high level of confidence from customers. Looking ahead, we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do and provide our customers with superior levels of product quality and cutting-edge technology to enhance their ultimate experience.”

In 2022, the BMW Group continued to expand, and maintained its number one position in the global premium segment, with a total of 2,399,636 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles delivered to customers worldwide. The BMW brand also saw strong growth in electrified vehicles. The BMW Group was able to more than double its BEV sales from 2021 with a total of 215,755 fully-electric BMW and MINI vehicles delivered to customers, a magnificent increase of 107.7%. With plug-in hybrids included, sales of electrified vehicles for the full year were up by 35.6% with over 372,956 electrified vehicle deliveries, demonstrated increased demand for electromobility. Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad had its highest sales in the company’s history with 202,895 motorcycle and scooter deliveries globally.

BMW Group Thailand is ideally positioned for the future. The positive growth in sales and market share is a testament to the exceptional quality and design of BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad, as well as the company’s commitment to manufacturing vehicles that meet the evolving needs and preferences of customers. This has helped ensure the leading position of BMW Thailand in the Thai premium automotive segment for the past three consecutive years.

On top of that, the company continues to follow a strategic direction aligned with long-term goals in creating sustainability for society and the environment, as well as the growth and development of employees. BMW Group Thailand is looking ahead with the goal of bringing sheer driving pleasure, cutting-edge technologies, and the ‘Power of Choice’ to customers, and is confident in its ability to continue driving success in the future.

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