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The dtac brand under the new company continues to grow beyond connectivity

dtac is moving forward with the amalgamation process after the Boards of Directors of each of True and dtac called for a joint shareholder meeting in February, which should allow the companies to complete the transaction within the first quarter of 2023. Under the new company, dtac customers will be able to enjoy a broader portfolio and additional benefits, including improved 5G coverage, ultra-high-speed broadband internet, and enhanced service experiences.

The board of directors of True and dtac have approved to convene the joint shareholder meeting

After the amalgamation is complete, the dtac brand will continue to operate separately in the market. The dtac brand under the new company will continue to offer existing products and services as well as a broader portfolio of attractive and accessible products and new service innovations that meet specific needs of customers, including mobile, broadband internet, pay TV, and digital services.

Better 5G and WiFi Experiences Nationwide

The dtac brand under the new company will aim to provide customers with high-speed 5G network, offering better coverage and capacity. WiFi hotspots will be added nationwide, providing connections in shopping malls and public spaces, allowing customers from all walks of life to access the services in both urban and rural areas.

Better Customer Experience and Privileges

Customers will get to enjoy greater experiences and privileges from dtac reward and TrueYou. dtac will be able to redeem points from dtac reward coins and True customers will be able to redeem points from True Points at partner stores for shopping, dining, travel, and other lifestyle experiences. The dtac brand under the new company will provide 24/7 customer support with after-sales service and increased convenience.

Building the Stronger dtac Brand

The new company will benefit from scale, investment capabilities, and competence to take global technology advancements into quality networks and innovative digital services and support Thailand’s digital transformation agenda.

The principal shareholders, Telenor Group and CP Group, believe in the benefits of the transaction and the new company’s positive impact on Thailand’s telecom and technology sector. The parties aim for an equal ownership stake of around 30 percent in the new company.

The dtac brand under the new company will adhere to the highest ethical and governance standards, offering fair, inclusive, and transparent products and services to ensure its customers can continue to enjoy affordable and high-quality services.

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