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LG introducing 2023 TV innovations

LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. introducing its latest 2023 TV innovations. The newest lineup is spearheaded by the 97-inch LG OLED evo 4K TV G series, the world’s largest OLED TV, offering an unparalleled home entertainment experience on an ultra-large screen with enhanced brightness for unrivaled picture clarity and contrast.

In addition, LG is introducing lifestyle screens to the Thai market for the first time this year: LG OLED Posé, an elegant TV designed to fit with any room decor style, and LG StanbyME, a touchscreen that is rotatable and multiple adjustment, and comes with a built-in battery allowing users to easily move it from place to place. The new 2023 TV lineup encompasses OLED, QNED, NanoCell, and UHD models, catering to the diverse needs of next-generation customers.

Sunghun Jung, President, LG Electronics (Thailand), Co., Ltd., said: “Over the past ten years, LG has consistently delivered world-class OLED TV innovations to consumers. These innovations include the world’s first 55-inch curved LG OLED TV, the LG OLED borderless TV wallpaper, the world’s first 8K OLED TV, and a range of OLED TVs in various sizes, ranging from the smallest to the largest available in the market. Each TV model introduced reflects LG’s unwavering commitment to providing consumers with unparalleled and distinctive home entertainment experiences. The driving force behind this pursuit of innovation is rooted in the concept of ‘Innovation for a Better Life,’ ensuring that LG continues to introduce cutting-edge advancements in TVs and firmly establishes itself as a true leader in OLED technology.”

Amnaj Singhachan, Senior Marketing Manager, LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said: “Over the past decade, LG has proudly held the No. 1 position as leader in Thailand’s premium TV market, with an impressive 75% market share in this segment in the previous year, yet we never stop improving in order to deliver unparalleled home entertainment experiences to consumers. We recognize that modern consumers seek more than just high picture quality in their TVs. They desire TVs that align with their lifestyles, including support for streaming content apps, seamless integration with social media platforms, and the ability to blend seamlessly with various home decoration styles. 

In response, LG is dedicated to introducing a diverse range of TV models to cater to different consumer preferences. We are at the forefront of innovation – offering high-end large-screen OLED 4K TVs to the premium TV market as well as entering the lifestyle TV market. We firmly believe that these offerings will be well-received by Thai consumers. We anticipate an increase of 60% in sales in the OLED TV segment, and establishing a sales base in the lifestyle TV segment, and we aim to increase LG’s overall market share in the TV market by 21% by 2023.”

The special launch of LG’s new TV lineup for 2023 represents the greatest global evolution of television, taking it to the next level through five key concepts:

AI-powered processor upgrade

A powerful processor created exclusively for OLED displays lies at the heart of LG TVs, allowing the TV to operate more efficiently and with great stability. This year’s latest OLED TVs upgraded to α (Alpha) 9 AI Processor Gen6 comprise three series: the LG OLED 8K evo TV Z3 series, powered by α9 AI Processor 8K Gen6, the latest innovative processor designed for OLED TV; followed by LG OLED evo 4K TV G3 series, and C3 series, both equipped with α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6, driven by an AI processor that delivers clearer pictures in both dark and light tones while enhancing the level of surround sound simulation to 9.1.2 channels, resulting in an even more balanced and immersive audio experience.

70% brighter and sharper with Brightness Booster Max technology

Another of LG’s TV innovations this year is the 70% brightness upgrade in the LG OLED evo 4K TV G3 series. With this technology, users will experience realistic colors and even sharper images. Moreover, all models come with Eye Comfort Display technology, which reduces blue light dangerous to the eyes, reduces reflective lights that can make your eyes feel sore, and decreases any flickering, allowing users to watch the TV over long periods without feeling eye fatigue.

Confidence in trustworthy high-quality

LG OLED TVs have been certified by, a credible electronic product quality testing website for consumers. According to the testing of LG OLED TV screens by, consumers can be less worried about display burn-in because LG’s OLED screens use four-color pixels (RGBW) so it is not necessary to combine multi-color pixels in order to create white, resulting in fewer chances for burn-in compared to those using three-color pixels (RGB). Those using RGB require a combination of many pixels to create white, leading to a higher chance of accumulated heat and burn-in. Reliable quality is another factor that has helped LG maintain its position as leader in OLED TV innovations for the past ten years.   

Lifestyle TVs that are beautifully and practically designed

In 2023, LG is making a full entry into the lifestyle TV market, acknowledging the growing significance consumers place on design and its synergy with home decor. The new models include the remarkable 55-inch LG OLED Posé, which boasts exceptional design and display quality with the OLED evo screen technology. This model seamlessly combines aesthetics and visual excellence. Additionally, LG has unveiled the LG StanbyME, a battery-powered, rotatable touchscreen TV equipped with wheels for effortless mobility. The LG StanbyME fulfills consumers’ desires to enjoy streaming content from any location within their homes.

Focusing on consumer experience

The 2023 TV lineup features webOS 23 operations, leading to a simpler interface and tidier segments. Quick Cards display arrangement helps consumers easily and quickly find the content and applications they are looking for. There is also a Quick Settings feature that allows users to pin frequently used functions for easy access without having to go through the full process every time they want to use them. In addition, the Home Hub menu is compatible with connecting and controlling IoT devices within the house through the LG ThinQ app. The Game Optimizer feature enables users to manage their settings without having to pause and quit the game first, allowing them to enjoy the game without any interruptions.

LG’s latest 2023 TV lineup is now available at these prices:

  • LG OLED evo 4K TV G2 Series (97 inches), priced at 999,990 baht
  • LG StanbyME, priced at 44,990 baht
  • 55-inch LG OLED Posé, priced at 67,990 baht
  • 4 series of LG OLED TVs: Z3, G3, C3, and B3 series (available in 48-88-inch screens, with a total of 11 models), priced at 49,990-999,990 baht
  • 3 series of LG QNED TVs, including LG QNED MiniLED Series, QNED86 4K Series, QNED80 4K Series and QNED75 4K Series (available in 55-86-inch screens, with a total of 10 models), priced at 24,990-149,990 baht
  • 2 series of LG NanoCell TVs (with a total of 8 models) and 4 series of LG UHD TVs (with a total of 15 models), priced at 12,990–84,990 baht

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