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AIS enabling simultaneous usage of two SIM cards on 5G SA

AIS reaffirms its leadership of 5G, leading the way in advancing the digital experience for Thais. For the first time in the Thai telecommunications industry, customers can instantly use two SIMs simultaneously (Dual Active) without needing to configure on the 5G SA (Standalone) smart network. Leveraging the cutting-edge innovation of Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) technology, now available on flagship smartphones such as the Xiaomi 14 Series. This advancement elevates customer experience, meeting lifestyle demands comprehensively.

Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operations and Support Business Unit, AIS said, “Beyond advancing the expansion and fortification of the nation’s digital infrastructure, AIS’s pivotal mission lies in harnessing the potential of 5G smart networks to intertwine customers’ digital experiences across all dimensions.

The first and only provider in Thailand the development of Voice over 5G New Radio (VoNR) technology on the 5G SA network, ensuring users encounter exemplary usage quality and enriched experiences, enabling customers to communicate with utmost clarity on AIS’s most spectrum on the 5G SA network efficiently. Presently, we are able to deliver 5G SA services covering over 85% of the population in Bangkok.”

“Today, we’ve elevated our customers’ usage experience to a new level by setting a new standard in the industry. For the first time in Thailand, we introduce the latest network innovation, Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) technology, allowing customers to use their smartphones with both Data and Voice simultaneously. This enables seamless internet browsing or continuous online gaming without interruption, even when receiving calls on the second SIM.”

“For traditional dual SIM usage on smartphones, it operates under the DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby) mode, which comes with limitations. This means that making a call or using data concurrently is only possible on one SIM at a time. If a call is made using one SIM, the other SIM will be immediately deactivated for both voice and data until the first SIM disconnects the call. This might inconvenience customers in real-world usage scenarios.

However, with the Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) innovation, it revolutionizes the experience for customers using dual SIM smartphones, allowing both SIMs to be active simultaneously without any additional settings. This is achievable with the primary and secondary SIMs operating on the AIS 5G network that supports VoNR (Voice over 5G New Radio) or VoLTE (Voice Over LTE).”

Smooth internet and voice call (Data + Voice) usage without interruptions on the primary SIM card. Even with incoming calls from SIM 2 or simultaneous usage of both SIMs (Voice + Voice), ensuring no missed important communications, regardless of which SIM is using the line. The other SIM can still receive calls or make outgoing calls seamlessly. Instant switching when receiving a call, allowing the choice to either hold the current call or answer the call on the other SIM. Utilizing Voice + SMS/MMS while on a call, receiving SMS/MMS from the other SIM without having to disconnect.

Collaboration with Xiaomi

“We continue to advance innovation in smart network technology for the telecommunications industry both domestically and internationally, striving for the best user experience in every aspect. Today, we have successfully developed the DSDA innovation in collaboration with Xiaomi, seamlessly integrated with the Xiaomi 14 Series. We anticipate more smartphones supporting this technology to be launched soon.” concluded Wasit.

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