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In 2024 orbix aims for 600% revenue growth, Emphasizing its strategy of “Easy & Trustworthy.”

“orbix” strives for enhanced safety, trustworthiness, and seamless experience, orbix has embarked on a strategic journey aimed at bolstering income growth and augmenting transparency in business operations to this initiative is the focused selection of products, coupled with an unwavering dedication to investor education, thereby setting a higher standard for investor protection across the industry.

Chanwit Rungruanglada, Managing Director of Orbix Trade Company Limited, revealed that digital asset trading platform was officially launched in December 2023 onwards with the concept of

“The New Experience of Digital Asset Investing”. orbix, going on align the core strategic objective of fostering an ‘easy experience’ to target a significant increase in investments, under emphasizing its strategy of “Easy & Trustworthy.”

“orbix” has 3 Feature highlight for all of investors

Under core strategy and to support the needs of investors that will occur, orbix’s features have been developed to specifically meet the needs of investors including developed features especially with a team providing customer support services 24 hours a day.

with 3 strong points:

  1.  “Easy” in buying-selling-transferring coins including to apply by yourself for using “orbix” through 2 channels: identity verification via NDID for general customers and apply and confirm your identity on K+ for Kasikorn Bank customers*
  2. “orbix” developed the Wallet Lock feature, which is a feature that has a high security with a double-layer wallet locking system. Customers can set Wallet Lock on and off by themselves.
  3. “orbix” develops features that are like tools and information that help with investing (Smart), including Price Alert, setting a warning for the right price, no need to watch the screen and never miss any trading opportunity.

In additional, You can choose the coins you want to notify yourself and orbix Balance** The system helps calculate coin costs automatically an 2024. Calculations in orbix balance are preliminary calculations based on real-time market data and cost data user. These calculations do not constitute financial advice or recommendations.)

Developed in order to offer investor protection in the digital asset market

Since the beginning of previous year there have been positive trends in the digital asset market since the beginning of 2024 such as The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) announced the acceptance of 11 Bitcoin ETFs, with a total market cap approximately $100 billion, as the result increasing the amount of money into the digital asset market from institutional investors. Also the major event like the Bitcoin Halving will be in April. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the US SEC will approve an Ethereum ETF in the second quarter of this year.

For the Thai government and Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand, they are encouraging and adjusting to push Thailand to become a digital asset hub (Digital Asset Hub) such as the exemption from Value Added Tax (VAT) for trading cryptocurrencies and digital tokens on the Digital Asset Exchange, Brokers and Dealers registered in Thailand, Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand approval criteria for Ultra High Net Worth investors and institutional investors can invest through the Spot Bitcoin ETF through the Asset Management Company (Asset Management Company).

Both Thai and global forces are driving the growth of the cryptocurrency sector and its adoption. Due to this, making investments in the cryptocurrency industry as overall seems appealing this year. Furthermore, it has helped the price of Bitcoin rise to a record high of $73,000, or around 2.6 million baht. As a positive market situation then more investors are constantly joining the digital asset market.

When a great deal of eager investors come up to investing in digital assets. Furthermore, steps for protecting investors and appropriate, comprehensive oversight are becoming more essential.

orbix adopted the following corporate values in order of Investor Protection, In order reach the desires of various investors by business directions as follows:

  1. Transparency – orbix emphasizes and provides information transparency regarding the business’s operations as well as compliance the regulatory has established publishing a Proof of Reserve report online each month. For the purpose of providing to show off customer asset storage information of investors transparency.
  2. Prudent Product Selection – orbix has a process for selecting coins listed according to SEC criteria, and orbix has plans to list the new quality coins to the exchange to increase investment options. Likewise, we always review coin properties. If any coin does not pass the criteria which may pose a risk to investors, it will be considered to be delisted from the board’s list in an effort to lower that risk.
  3. Investor Education – orbix aiming to promote and provide knowledge to investors is an important basic element for investor protection. orbix has developed products to enhance knowledge through Gamification, which is an approach that is easily accessible to investors. Customers can take the Kryptonian Test to understand their own investment style as well as to receive various special privileges that orbix has prepared according to all 4 investment styles.

Kryptonian Test was designed under the theme “The Capital of Kryptonian” It is a center for investors of various styles: Professional Trader, Risk Taker, Wagon Jumper, Crypto Evangelist.

Following test success, You will know the investment style that is suitable for you and get over 32 different profile pictures according to your investment style, which are designs from 4 nationally renowned NFT artists.

In addition, anyone can refer to anyone who is interested in investing in digital assets through the Kryptonian Referral Program. Through the referrer and the referee will receive a share of fees from digital token trading according to the criteria set by the company, And orbix is to launch OBX reward points soon, for Kryptonian can collect points from various activities to redeem for special privileges and various forms of special items.

For this special moment, orbix pleased to offer 2 special campaigns to everyone who joins to be a part of orbix “The Capital of Kryptonian”

Step 1: CampaignWelcome to orbix “The Capital of Kryptonian” for new customers who successfully apply and completely verify their identity with orbix get cashback up to 200 baht (Limited to the first 1,000 users only, campaign period: 12 Mar – 11 Apr 24)

Step 2: Campaign Deposit Bonus. Deposit money to orbix, get cashback up to 500 baht

Verified (KYC) orbix customers Deposit money to orbix according to the specified conditions and receive cashback rewards into their digital asset trading account up to 500 baht.

(Limited to the first 1,500 users only, campaign period: 21 Mar – 20 May 24)

Read Term & Condition of Campaign:

Chanwit said in 2024, Orbix Trade Co., Ltd. underUnita Capital Company Limited, which is a subsidiary of the KasikornBank setting a goal to expand the new customers base by 10-15%, with a specific focus on re-engaging with over 500,000 returning customers. Additionally, the company is poised to witness a tenfold increase in Active users following its recent acquisition in March 2024. With these ambitious targets in sixfold, orbix anticipates a commendable revenue.

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