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“Pi” launches All-in-One investment App, targeting total valuation of $1.2 Billion USD

Pi Securities Public Company Limited launched the Pi Financial application, integrating cutting-edge technology with investment recommendations from experts to enhance convenience for customers. The company aims to provide seamless services that integrates digital with a human touch. The application allows investors to access a variety of assets under one platform, with a growth target of 1.2 billion US dollars in valuation this year.

Currently, Pi Securities holds a leading position in the securities industry. With a high stock trading volume of 21,000 million US dollars, more than 30 million futures contracts traded, and a customer base of over 80,000 individuals, Pi Securities has shown consistent growth averaging 16% annually over the past 4 years. Formerly known as Country Group, Pi Securities underwent restructuring in 2014, establishing a new reputation and portfolio. It rebranded as Pi Securities after significant business restructuring and emerged as a market leader, securing the SET – TFEX Agent of the Year award for 5 consecutive years (2019 – 2023).

Pi Securities’ performance in 2023 has outperformed the market despite a 24% YoY decrease in equities trading volume. Nonetheless, it remained 6% higher than the market and experienced a 23% YoY increase in trading volume on the TFEX, which is considered a significant driving force for stronger growth in 2024. In the past year, Pi Securities has restructured its organization, focusing on technological development to adapt to the new era of finance. Additionally, the company recently raised over 10 million US dollars from Taiwan’s Koo family. and is expected to raise an additional 10 million US dollars, pending approval from shareholders. This represents the continued strength and confidence that the market has in the company.

The development of the Pi Financial app is one of Pi Securities’ strategies for 2024, investing in the development of the app to facilitate convenient buying, selling, and exchanging of various types of securities in multiple markets. Bob Wouters, CEO of Pi Securities Public Company Limited, said,

“For 2024, Pi Securities aims to expand its customer base threefold through the development of comprehensive digital services. We also offer personalized premium investment advisory services to create a seamless experience under the concept of ‘Digital with a Human Touch’. We are confident that with our strong team of analysts and expert investment consultants who can understand and cater to customers at all levels, customers will be able to access investment opportunities following the concept of Investing, Simplified.”

Recognizing the importance of accurate information, the company emphasizes the significance of experienced investment advisory teams providing personalized advice and services tailored to each customer’s goals and needs. Additionally, customers can access real-time, in-depth market information in various formats, such as complex products, advanced graphs, and continuous investment knowledge updates from leading analysts like Kavee Chukitkasem, the company’s Head of Research and Content.

Pi Financial application is suitable for investors of all kinds who aim to achieve their financial goals successfully. Customers can use the Pi Financial app on both iOS and Android systems to open investment accounts before proceeding to trade various types of assets, including Thai stocks, foreign stocks, mutual funds, derivatives, and more. Additionally, customers can securely and quickly manage their investment portfolios, perform deposit and withdrawal transactions, as well as utilize borrowing and securities lending (SBL) services directly on the app. Real-time stock data and graphs are available, ensuring clients stay informed about market trends and analysis provided by investment experts from Pi Securities.

“Pi Financial stands out for its user-friendly interface, allowing investors to execute transactions smoothly. With its quick deposit/withdrawal/transfer system, real-time currency exchange, investors can trade stocks globally seamlessly. It provides analysis tools and access to a wide range of assets, including Thai and international stocks, Thai derivatives, and suitable mutual funds tailored to individual lifestyles and risk tolerances. Additionally, its ability to view real-time trading prices enables investors to find the best trading opportunities accurately, facilitating precise trading decisions. Moreover, Pi Financial offers a comprehensive overview of all assets in one place. We designed this app to meet users’ needs and provide the easiest user experience possible.” Nikun Khoongumjorn, Chief Technology Officer, Pi Securities Company Limited added.

Furthermore, Pi aims to launch its Wealth Management business this year. Currently, Pi has Assets Under Advisement (AUA) from clients on its platform exceeding 2.7 billion US dollars, with a goal to increase it by another 1.2 billion US dollars within the first year. The focus is on targeting High-Net-Worth customers and offering meticulously curated investment opportunities. This includes collaborating with top-tier global fund managers and planning wealth management strategies tailored to the digital era.

“Therefore, with agility, convenience in accessing information through the best tools or applications, along with professional consultation understanding the market and investors’ needs well, we can overcome uncertainties, create sustainable growth, and deliver returns according to the goals set. We firmly believe that leveraging the 50 years of expertise of our group of companies, coupled with the technological advancement this time, will enable us to increase our value by 1.2 billion US dollars, positioning us as one of the leading providers of comprehensive wealth management services to investors in the future,” concluded Bob.



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