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Wisesight: Social Listening is Key to Consumer Insights

Analyzing 20 million messages on social media each day, Wisesight is confident that it knows what consumers are thinking.

“Our analytics help our clients fast determine whether their brand communications are effective and identify where their problems lie,” Wisesight chief executive officer and co-founder Kla Tangsuwan said during an exclusive interview with The Story Thailand.

He said social listening therefore was the answer to businesses that were trying hard to understand consumers especially at the time COVID-19 outbreak made it hard to reach the market physically.

Backed by more than 200 staff in Thailand and Malaysia, Wisesight has deployed artificial intelligence and multilingual abilities in its operations.

Social Listening’s Role during COVID-19 Crisis

In the face of COVID-19 threats, consumers’ eating, living and socializing habits have changed. It is therefore necessary that businesses keep pace with the trend.

“On eating, social-media posts make it clear that people talk more about eating at home. That’s why shabu and bubble-tea businesses have introduced special sets that make it convenient for their customers to enjoy the products at home,” Kla pointed out.

On living, he disclosed that the work-from-home mode meant people no longer spent just evening or night time in their apartment. When people spend more time at home, gardening becomes a growing trend.

“People have bought more plants to grow at home,” he said. He added that demand for office equipment, internet installations and exercise equipment had also been solid during the COVID-19 crisis.

On socializing, Kla said people had parties and played games with friends online during lockdowns.

Even though lockdowns have been easing, Kla said it remained to be seen as to which parts of businesses would go back to normal. “Some fields will change forever. So, if you are working in R&D, PR, marketing and communications, you will have to reassess consumers,” he advised.

Wisesight Extends Support in Wake of Pandemic

Customers of Wisesight are granted access to Social Eye Covid whereby they can assess the pandemic’s impacts on their businesses by doing quick researches by themselves.
“We have granted free access especially for our customers,” Kla disclosed.

He said for potential customers, they were welcome to check easy-to-understand daily reports that were compiled by Wisesight based on the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). “They can check how effective government measures are,” he explained.

Wisesight has prepared services for members of the general public too. They can get updates about the COVID-19 situation via

Wisesight’s Business Expansion Plan

Kla said his firm was now in the process of enhancing its data-management foundation with a focus on greater flexibility so that AI was more capable of understanding the gist of online information.

“Our AI must know what people are talking about and which businesses are related to that,” he said.

He added that Wisesight’s mission was to help business get information that enabled them to draw up greater strategies, implement them, and assess results fast.

“We have fresh information that can empower businesses,” the top executive of Wisesight said, “Marketers must embrace social listening today”.

Despite COVID-19 impacts, Wisesight has planned to expand its businesses across Southeast Asia and launch new products in the near future.



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