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AIS testing 5G CA in the 2600 MHz and 26 GHz bands with full bandwidth

AIS has reaffirmed its commitment to be the first to innovate for leveling up networks according to the purpose of entering auctions for spectra. Tests of 5G CA have since been ongoing with global partners.

Testing 100 MHz of the bandwidth available in the medium band of 2600 MHz, and 1200 MHz of the high frequency 26 GHz band in the lab, as well as in real life use cases, it is the first time in the world 5G download speeds have attained 22.01 Gbps and maximum upload speeds of 4.4 Gbps. They are another demonstration of AIS’ 5G intelligent network, which will connect all compatible devices in the future.

Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operations and Support Business Unit AIS noted, “We have a target to become a Cognitive Tech-Co, which is driving us to develop our existing network capabilities with investment budgets this year of 27,000 – 30,000 MB. This will support our customers in every segment of the tight population to access digital services equally both short – term and long – term, and on the 5G network in particular. Today, AIS remains a leader in both area coverage and the capacity to support large numbers of users.

“This has been the origin of our partnership with global operators in network and equipment to support both consumers and industry, as well as the business sector. All of them require high speed networks. This test of 5G CA technology is a lab test on a live network in Greater Bangkok using AAU 2600MHz and AAU mmWave transmitters and receivers for the first time in the world. we have conducted the testing on 100 MHz of the bandwidth available in the medium band of 2600 MHz, and 1200 MHz of the high frequency 26 GHz band. it is the first ever test on bandwidth as wide as 1200 MHz , and the test results showed download speeds of 22.01 Gbps and upload speeds of 4.4Gbps.”

Wasit concluded, “We believe that the potential of 5G is at the heart of growing the digital economy. It will bringing new experiences and benefits to every segment of customers, whether consumers or enterprises. On top of constructing a resilient digital infrastructure, the willingness to trial new network technologies shows that Thai entrepreneurs are now ready to bring an ecosystem of network equipment, chipsets and terminal devices into being.

Equipment is now being manufactured to support high speed 5G, and we have tested it for customers to experience for themselves. They should find it highly efficient, and will implement innovation to further extend its usefulness to the country, enabling Thailand to hold its place in the world.”

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