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Global award ‘source of great pride’ for AIS

Telecom leader committed to innovation, use of knowledge, for national development 

Thailand’s technology and digital services leader, AIS, has won a prestigious global accolade, with the announcement that it has won the Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award for 2020.

The global MIKE Award comes after AIS was named winner of the Thailand MIKE Award for 2020. The judging panel for the award comprised two qualified groups made up of executives from global Fortune 500 companies in many parts of the world. The panelists were experts in knowledge management, learning and intellectual capital, the learning organization and innovation.

The awards underline leadership in Thai innovation and technology that supports not only the creation of an innovative organization, but also adds to sustainable national development.

The Chief Human Resources Officer at Advanced Info Service (AIS), Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, said the awards were a source of great pride, and proof that AIS is a Thai telecom operator accepted at the global level. 

“AIS never ceases to apply digital technology and innovations to upgrade the company’s management, while efficiently delivering value in terms of business, society and the environment,” Kantima said.   

Judging criteria for the awards were divided into two main groups and eight subgroups, concerning both quality and quantity.

Group One involved sustainability criteria, for example, empowering staff to keep themselves informed with new knowledge whenever there were changes; the strength of the company’s corporate culture and its ability to stipulate strategies for dealing with various situations; and the organization’s ability to show a constant readiness to develop products and services, and empower staff to think creatively.

Group Two involved innovation criteria. A company must show constant development of products, services or new businesses, with good revenue, sales and operating results, indicating customer satisfaction. It must also have won honorable and prestigious awards, and other guarantees.

“In the six years since AIS announced its vision of becoming a Digital Life Service Provider, our top priority has been creating a corporate culture instilled with awareness of using innovation to inform people’s thinking,” Kantima said. “This includes managing knowledge for transfer through digital platforms, bringing a new capability to meet the needs of a digital world, and delivering tangible and sustainable performance. 

“An example of implementing this vision of knowledge management on digital platforms is LearnDi, a hub for the transfer of knowledge aimed at driving the company’s innovation culture. Under the program InnoJUMP, there is a forum for staff to propose new start-up businesses using technology to solve pain points. This can bring ideas to build real businesses, such as the School Van Clever program, a smart school bus. 

“The AIS Academy for Thais ‘Think For Mission’ program brings concepts and knowledge to Thai people in seminars and digital platforms to deal with the challenges of digital transformation. As well, the AIS RooJakLom program encourages employees to apply lessons from their mistakes for successful learning. All of this, besides delivering economic value, powers our corporate culture, to create a truly innovative organization.

“Since 2020,” she continued, “the Covid-19 pandemic has led to ‘new normal’ lifestyles, built on a basis of uncertainty. In these circumstances, both people and the organization must be constantly aware, and adapt and adjust to the extent of their capabilities, to cope with these impacts.

“It is a source of great pride to the AIS team that this world-class organization that is ranking companies for innovation, knowledge management and internal human resources is also focused on the transmission of information. The Thai people have this capability, together and continuously, under the ‘Think For Mission’ concept. This is because we believe that knowledge is the key weapon to upgrade the competitive capabilities of Thai people; to be fully prepared to competently guide the country into the future,” Kantima said.



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