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GPSC signs MOU with PTT Digital to explore the development of an energy platform

Terdkiat Prommool, Senior Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Sustainability at PTT Public Company Limited and Chairman of PTT Digital Solutions Company Limited, presided over the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Global Power Synergy (GPSC) PLC,  a member company of the PTT Group which specializes in electrical industry and smart energy, & PTT Digital, a member company of the PTT Group and leading provider of information and communication technology, to explore the development of an energy platform for renewable energy and that will also support energy trading in the future.

Rosaya Teinwan, Executive Vice President Business Development at Global Power Synergy Company Public Limited (GPSC) and Kaweesak Boonchaleaw, Managing Director of PTT Digital Solutions Company Limited (PTT Digital), signed the MOU representing their respective firms to explore the implementation of power management systems via PTT Digital’s GAIA platform to help manage power generation and distribution for solar energy. This application of digital technology helps GPSC to produce clean energy more efficiently. The MOU also helps the PTT Group meet its own goals for sustainability, which are aligned with the UN SDGs on sustainable energy. The MOU was signed at the Digital Sphere on the 4th floor of the EnCo B Building at the Energy Complex.

The GAIA platform is an enterprise software platform developed by PTT Digital to address the issues related to supply chain management by helping firms manage and trade energy in real-time. It also provides consumer behavior analysis and accurate energy demand forecasting using AI & machine learning – helping firms achieve the highest levels of efficiency through power management and planning. In addition, GAIA reduces costs, in terms of both time and money, and increases business confidence.

Rosaya shared that GPSC is very pleased to partner with PTT Digital as it is a good opportunity to make use of their GAIA platform – which was developed by a team of Thai developers and developed specifically for the green power industry. Also, we expect the relationship will result in expanded business opportunities and increase our ability to successfully achieve our goals.

GPSC believes digitalizing operations management through the GAIA platform will increase power management efficiency, facilitate smoother and more resilient operations, and increase its competitiveness in the marketplace. Importantly, the platform gives us the ability to introduce future improvements to our renewable energy offerings which will help develop the market. Overall, the partnership will help both the PTT Group and GPSC to make significant progress toward achieving Goal 7 of the UN SDGs – making affordable clean energy accessible to all. This aligns perfectly with GPSC’s mission and vision to lay the foundation now for sustainable high-quality lifestyles of the future.

Furthermore, GPSC has set 2050 as its own deadline for becoming carbon neutral and set 2060 as its deadline to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. GPSC is making strides to reduce environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the effects of climate change by reducing the cost burden of power generation through renewable energy and local power storage. This year we saved our customers over THB 1,000,000. Also, we reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 171,159 kg of C02 on a year on year basis and this year we aim to grow renewable energy production by 37%. Our long-term goal is to increase renewable energy production to 8,000 mw by B.E. 2030 as well.

The partnership between GPSC and PTT Digital will explore how GPSC generates and distributes solar energy by using the GAIA platform. GAIA will also aid GPSC in operations management through supply and demand planning, enabling the power supply to be managed based on total distribution capacity, set limits, or end-user demand. Additionally, GAIA will help ‘right-size’ solar farms by aligning costs with farm size – ensuring efficient returns on investment. Further, location plays a key role in determining solar farm investment costs – especially the distance to end-users or the grid, and must be carefully managed to ensure efficient energy production and distribution.

Kaweesak Boonchaleaw, Managing Director of PTT Digital Solutions Company Limited, stated that currently the introduction of clean energy – also referred to as renewable energy, into use represents a future mega-trend which can be seen from the continued sustainable growth of the renewable energy sector. Many companies are also turning to digital integrations to increase business confidence and certainty through forecasting or to see the ‘big picture’ in their respective markets. Digital solutions and integrations help organizations do strategic decision making more rapidly to keep up with market conditions. Each of these factors impact the organization’s ability to expand, grow, or even leap ahead – which is why we signed the MOU today.

Kaweesak stated that this MOU is an important step in advancing Thailand’s ability to deliver energy to its people and supported by the expansion of our partnership with GPSC to include clean energy. PTT Digital, being a digital solutions partner, focuses on supporting business transformation through IT to create smart industries and enhancing competitiveness to develop Thailand’s economy, society, and environment into the future.

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