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AIS partners ZTE to open the first “5G A-Z Center” in Thailand

AIS and ZTE Corporation, have partnered to create the A-Z Centre, Thailand’s first ever hub for 5G innovation. The two parties signed an MOU of strategic partnership to develop 5G tech, with the goal of fostering innovation and in particular, leveling up digital infrastructure to be resilient and furnish solutions which support the industrial sector. They in turn provide the experience of tangible benefits to the people of Thailand, while giving the country a significant competitive edge.

Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS said, “We are here because 5G is a technology to power the country. As the network service provider with the most frequency spectra and the best network coverage in Thailand, we give top priority to innovating for the country sustainably. This is why we have strategically partnered with ZTE in three components:

  • Upgrading Thailand’s 5G network to world-class digital infrastructure, not only in the matter of speed, but also intelligence, controlling itself in real time (5G Smart Autonomous Network)
  • Jointly developing solutions for the business sector, for industry and for the wider public, and enhancing competitive capabilities under Thailand 4.0.
  • Delivering a vast range of 5G services to improve Thai people’s lives sustainably.

The first 5G A-Z Center in Thailand is at the crux of working towards this goal. It is a transformative moment to unlock Thailand’s potential and take the country to the next level, focussing on business and industry. We have inaugurated Digital Transformation in productivity and management, which will directly power the country’s digital economy.”

Xu Ziyang, President of ZTE Corporation said, “Our strategic partnership to develop digital tech, resulting in the establishment of A-Z Center, will usher in a diverse range of technological innovation. Most particularly, taking the 5G network as a basis for research and development has resulted in brand-new use cases of the future which will cater to both customer demand and increasing business opportunities.”

5G A-Z Center is the most complete hub for innovation and solutions, having installed base stations providing every radio frequency spectrum for the purposes of experimentation and trial. It is prototyping network tech which will transform development of the 5G network in Thailand, alongside 5G vertical industry applications and Smart Terminals. A pipeline of trials and demonstrations in the first phase comprise:

  1. Next Generation Products for 5G Capability Growth: ZTE’s 5G-compatible network tech powers innovation through the concept,“1+2+3”. 1. Infrastructure, 2. Prototyping genetic foundations, and 3. The three components to Upgrade, Extend and Expand for maximum productivity. Use cases include:
    • Radio Composer: A world’s first coming from the partnership with AIS is development of the AAU (Active Antenna Unit) for 5G mmWave bandwidth, supporting 1.2GHz, and AAU 5G 2.6GHz, which are economical with electrical power. This new 5G radio equipment has been tailored to demand, and delivers the best possible experience to AIS customers, while being friendly to nature and encouraging energy sustainability.
    • RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) is equipment showcasing capabilities of the 26GHz or mmWave spectrum to provide greater coverage for the 5G network.
  2. 5G Use Cases connecting the 5G network to the industrial sector , such as:
    • 5G Natural Navigation AGV, an autonomous vehicle with embedded 5G module accepting a 5G SIM card. Easy to use, and unlimited with respect to location, with no need of installed Wi-Fi.
    • 5G Machine Vision: A system for physical product inspection using 5G. Its processing system works similarly to humans, to make decisions and transmit the required results as determined by its algorithm.
    • 5G XR Explorer: Extended reality, or XR systems applied to integrate many dimensions of display, whether a real-world environment or the digital environment. This includes interactions between humans and machines with computers, or through wearables, which can be used in Training or Guidance.
    • 5G Holographic is a technology to create 3D images which has been widely applied and adapted. Applications include remote meetings, education, large events or the Metaverse. It is appropriate for large-bandwidth applications such as AR or VR, and breaks down the barriers between the real and virtual worlds to connect them seamlessly with 5G.
  3. Diversified 5G Terminal Devices: AIS has partnered with ZTE to launch the new 5G ZTE Blade A72 handset. It is a highly efficient 5G-enabled smartphone offering the greatest value in the current Thai smartphone market. It is expected to hit the market in October 2022, alongside other Smart Terminals such as 5G CPE and 5G Router. All of these highlights ZTE’s capabilities as the only End-to-End service provider working with AIS, who is the service provider offering the best experience to consumers.

This cooperation between AIS and ZTE is a crucial step in achieving the goal of becoming a Cognitive Tech-Co by developing 5G into the 5G Smart Autonomous Network. This will deliver new experiences and give opportunities to the industrial sector, all the while creating innovations and solutions which cater nimbly to behaviour which has changed in social contexts. It will build Thailand’s digital economy of the future.



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