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Changan Automobile electrifies Southeast Asia with grand debut

Changan Automobile has officially entered the Southeast Asia and Thai automotive markets, setting the stage on fire with a grand unveiling event at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.

The 2023 Changan Southeast Asia press conference not only marked the brand’s debut in Thailand but also showcased the dynamic duo that is set to redefine the local electric vehicle (EV) landscape: Deepal L07 and Deepal S07.

Changan’s foray into Thailand aligns seamlessly with its global strategies: ‘Mission of Shangri-La’, ‘Dubhe Plan’, and ‘Vast Ocean Plan’. With a history spanning over a century, Changan is making waves globally with a commitment to openness, inclusivity, and technological innovation.

At the heart of Changan’s strategy lies the ‘Vast Ocean Plan,’ positioning Thailand as a cornerstone for expanding its influence across Southeast Asia and global right-hand drive markets. The vision is clear — providing smart, green, and hi-tech automobiles, coupled with exceptional consumer services.

The spotlight of the event was on the unveiling of two cutting-edge electric vehicles, Deepal L07 and Deepal S07. Designed by Changan’s global team of over 600 talents, these models represent a fusion of avant-garde design and the ‘Symbiosis Aesthetics’ philosophy.

Global Recognition for Design Excellence

Deepal L07, the first electric fastback in Changan’s lineup, has already been recognized globally with the Red Dot Award 2023 Product Design Award (Awarded Name: SL03). The design, crafted by an internationally renowned team, underscores Changan’s commitment to aesthetics and innovation.

Changan’s showcase extended beyond electric vehicles, featuring two smart NEV brands: AVATR, an Emotional Intelligent Companion, and NEVO, a classic brand for the future mass market. These brands, with flagship models like AVATR 11, AVATR 12, A05, A07, and Q05, exemplify Changan’s dedication to intelligent driving and the evolution of digital and intelligent technologies.

The excitement continues as Changan gears up for the official launch and price announcement of Deepal L07 and Deepal S07 at the 40th Thailand International Motor Expo from November 30 to December 11, 2023.

For enthusiasts eager to be part of this automotive revolution, Deepal L07 and Deepal S07 are now open for pre-booking with special offers. Reserve your rights from November 27, 2566, at 15:15 until November 29, 2566, at 11:59 AM, and enjoy a maximum special interest rate discount of 0.5%*, along with complimentary 2-year first-class insurance. Visit Changan Thailand’s website for more information.

(*Terms and conditions apply as specified for pre-booking on November 27, 2566. **Terms and conditions are subject to the company’s regulations.)



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