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SPACE-F has launched the fourth batch of its Global FoodTech Incubator and Accelerator

It aims to position Southeast Asia as a major global hub for FoodTech. The program will provide a platform for startups to develop innovative solutions and technologies to revolutionize the food industry, and will offer support, mentorship, and funding to help them scale up their businesses.

With the growing demand for sustainable and healthy food options, this initiative is expected to play a critical role in shaping the future of the food industry in the region and beyond.

SPACE-F has initiated the fourth batch of its food-tech startup incubator and accelerator program to advance the exponential growth of the global food industry through innovation and technology, aiming to transform Southeast Asia into a global hub for food technology.

As the first global food-tech startup incubator and accelerator program in Thailand, SPACE-F offers a platform for entrepreneurs from across the world to create innovative solutions to the current and future challenges faced by the food industry.

The program is a collaboration between the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), Thai Union Group PCL, Mahidol University, Thai Beverage PCL, and Deloitte Thailand.

The program offers 20 startups from nine countries mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities to develop their ideas and scale their businesses. The participants will have access to cutting-edge facilities and resources at Mahidol University and Thai Union’s expertise in food processing, packaging, and distribution to bring their products to market.

The startups will be divided into two cohorts, with ten startups from three countries participating in the incubator program, and ten startups from six countries taking part in the accelerator program.

They will work closely with leading corporations, RISE Corporate Innovation Powerhouse, and Thailand’s food technology ecosystem to develop innovative solutions to the food industry’s challenges and connect with potential investors.

During the program launch event, Dr. Tunyawat Kasemsuwan, Group Director of Global Innovation at Thai Union, emphasized that despite Thailand being one of the world’s largest food exporters and known as the ‘Kitchen of the World’, it was not considered a food technology ecosystem five years ago.

That’s why SPACE-F, the world’s first incubator and accelerator program focused on FoodTech, was established with the ambitious goal of bringing promising startups to Thailand, supporting them with expertise and resources to incubate their potential and accelerate their growth.

Over the past four years, the program has successfully supported startups, with over 90% of them thriving and making an impact in the industry. With the collaboration of corporations, a university, startups, and a government agency, Thailand will become an industry leader, creating a global hub for food technology and innovation that has a positive impact on the world.

10 FoodTech startups joining incubator program:

  1. ImpacFat (Singapore): Enhancing nutrition and taste of alternative meats with fish cell-based fat
  2. Marina Biosciences (Singapore): Cultivates seafood delicacies to make exquisite food more exquisite, whilst saving the lives of animals
  3. Mycovation (Singapore): Transforming mycelium into novel ingredients using fermentation technology
  4. Nutricious (Thailand): Egg white protein-rich beverage
  5. Plant Origin (Thailand): Egg alternative from rice bran protein
  6. PROBICIENT (Singapore): The world’s first probiotics beer
  7. Rak THAIs by Angkaew Lab (Thailand): Fermented espresso cold brew coffee
  8. The Kawa Project (United States): Sustainable alternative to cocoa powder
  9. Trumpkin (Thailand): Non-dairy cheese from pumpkin seed
  10. Zima Sensors (Singapore): Package leak detection, made seamless

10 FoodTech startups joining accelerator program:

  1. Genesea (Israel): Seaweed food tech company, producing alternative protein extraction & ingredients from macro-algae
  2. Lypid (United States): Alternative fat solutions
  3. NovoNutrients (United States): The low-cost, globally scalable solution for making alternative protein by capturing carbon
  4. TeOra (Singapore): Building the future of sustainable food for 10 billion humans
  5. AlgaHealth (Israel): We put healthy into food!
  6. Seadling (Malaysia): Seaweed functional nutrition
  7. MOA (Spain): Healthy food for a sustainable future
  8. Pullulo (Singapore): Achieving a sustainable future with microbial protein
  9. The Leaf Protein Co. (Australia): Unlocking earth’s most abundant source of protein
  10. AmbrosiaBio (Israel): Enabling a healthy lifestyle without compromising the product’s taste

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