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Orbix Trade introduced “orbix” Digital Asset Trading.

Orbix Trade Company Limited (orbix) under Unita Capital Company Limited, a subsidiary company in the business group. Kasikorn Bank Finance* launches Orbix, a digital asset trading board, with the concept of “The New Experience of Digital Asset Investing” to meet the investment options in the digital asset business, highlighting the features, tools and information. It operates its business under the supervision of the SEC Office and provides digital asset trading services in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27701:2019 information security management standards.

Chanvit Rungruanglada Managing Director of Orbix Trade Company Limited revealed that the digital asset market in Thailand has an opportunity to grow in line with the direction of investment in the world market. According to the information from the office. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that the trading value of digital assets in Thailand in October 2023 was approximately 25 billion baht. Since the beginning of 2023, the most popular types of digital assets were able to provide higher returns than the previous year.

To support the needs of investors that will occur, the company has launched “orbix” with the concept “The New Experience of Digital Asset Investing” to meet needs and increase opportunities for customers to access asset services. The digital is easy to use, and has enhanced security through a platform that has been certified for security Safety and world-class information systems, both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, including developed features especially with a team providing customer support services 24 hours a day.

orbix has 3 strong points

  1. Experience the world of digital asset trading with “Easy” inbuying-selling-transferring coins including to apply by yourself for using “orbix” through 2 channels: identity verification via NDID for general customers and apply and confirm your identity on K+ for Kasikorn Bank customers*
  2. “orbix” developed the Wallet Lock feature, which is a feature that has a high security with a double-layer wallet locking system. Customers can set Wallet Lock on and off by themselves.
  3. “orbix” develops features that are like tools and information that help with investing (Smart), including Price Alert, setting a warning for the right price, no need to watch the screen and never miss any trading opportunity. You can choose the coins you want to notify yourself and orbix Balance** The system helps calculate coin costs automatically and makes you know the profit and loss of every coin without wasting time calculating (** Note: The orbix Balance feature will be available starting December 2023. Calculations in orbix balance are preliminary calculations based on real-time market data and cost data user. These calculations do not constitute financial advice or recommendations.)

Chanvit also mentioned that “orbix” will be a digital asset trading board that has received a good response from investors and being a digital asset trading platform that brings together digital assets in the market on this trading board and ready to support use from investors and be able to effectively respond to investment opportunities that arise.

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