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Arincare and Zoom announce partnership to develop Telemedicine solution

Arincare, teamed up with global partner Zoom as premier partner to introduce the country’s first Telemedicine solution using Zoom Video Communication Technology. Branded as “MedCare Telehealth Powered by Zoom,” this initiative aims to bridge healthcare gaps nationwide by connecting hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and patients through a real-time online health platform.

The platform, offering flexibility and customization without app downloads, targets 50,000 users this year. Arincare’s collaboration with Zoom leverages the Video Conference Platform to elevate Thailand’s public health sector through world-class communication technology.

Arincare จับมือ Zoom พัฒนา Telemedicine solution ปรึกษาหมอได้ แม้อยู่ในพื้นที่ห่างไกล

Teera Kanokkanjanarat, Co-founder and CEO of Arincare, revealed that the company has collaborated with the global partner Zoom, a leading technology firm in Video Communication from the United States. This collaboration aims to develop a Telemedicine solution for the “MedCare Telehealth Powered by Zoom” service.

Utilizing Zoom’s Video Conference Platform, the initiative seeks to elevate Thailand’s public health sector by facilitating remote medical and pharmacy services. Physicians and pharmacists from hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies can now conveniently communicate with patients. Many hospitals have already implemented this solution to make healthcare more accessible, overcoming limitations of time and location, reducing hidden costs such as missed work and travel expenses.

This initiative not only enhances convenience and privacy but also addresses gaps in accessing public healthcare services in Thailand with future plans to extend services to other Southeast Asia countries.

“The key strengths of MedCare Telehealth Powered by Zoom lie in its emphasis on easy accessibility while maintaining world-class video and voice quality. The system is highly flexible and customizable for large hospitals, networked hospitals, clinics, and even small pharmacies. It seamlessly integrates with various systems using Zoom Platform technology, a globally recognized leader in Video Conference technology.

With a large number of Thai individuals and leading organizations already familiar and trusting the Zoom Platform, we can further develop Telehealth systems that meet global standards of security and functionality. This enables patients to access healthcare services effortlessly on smartphones and tablets of almost every model, eliminating the need for downloading additional applications. The target is set to have 50,000 users utilizing the service by the end of the year.” Teera further added.

MedCare Telehealth Powered by Zoom, through the Zoom Technology Platform, comprehensively covers disease management, consultations, and beneficial information exchange for swift access to medical examinations and diagnoses by hospital physicians. It facilitates quick access for patients with chronic conditions to monitor their treatment, receive prescription orders, and systematically store treatment data.

Additionally, the platform plans to expand its solutions to serve hospital networks, clinics, and pharmacies. Arincare, being a leading Health Tech startup with expertise in developing healthcare technology, has been a crucial factor in Zoom recognizing and choosing to partner for the development of a pioneering Healthcare solution in Thailand. This collaboration underscores Zoom’s confidence in Arincare as the sole and premier partner for healthcare solutions in the country.

“The development of MedCare Telehealth Powered by Zoom aligns with the continuous growth trend of the Telemedicine market, which globally has an average annual growth rate of 17.2% (data from BIS Research). Simultaneously, it is anticipated that Telemedicine in Thailand will have the opportunity to grow in tandem with global trends.

This is due to the potential of technological advancements, including 5G, Internet of Things (IoTs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data. These technologies are poised to boost the expansion of Telemedicine in Thailand, enhancing both its capabilities and service scope continuously,” concluded Teera

Candice Tan, APAC ISV of Zoom, expressed that the collaboration with Arincare to develop the Telemedicine solution for MedCare Telehealth Powered by Zoom marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind in Thailand. This aligns with Zoom’s business objectives to partner with healthcare-focused allies, utilizing the Zoom Technology platform to advance product and service offerings in the healthcare sector. The aim is to serve as a central medium for quality healthcare access, even at a distance. The initiative facilitates communication among healthcare professionals from hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, allowing them to engage with patients, address health concerns, and provide online consultations and diagnoses seamlessly.

This aligns with Arincare’s mission to reduce healthcare inequalities. Currently, there is a large global user base for Zoom, and the Zoom technology platform is being utilized in the fields of health and public health services worldwide.

Dr.Thanyalak Sriburadech, the Medical Director of Chularat Hospital Group, stated, “In the past year, hospitals and clinics within the Chularat Hospital Group have actively implemented the MedCare Telehealth solution, providing remote healthcare services. This has significantly addressed the needs of hospitals and medical professionals. The solution has played a crucial role in managing and allocating appointment times for patients, aligning physicians’ examination schedules with patients’ convenience. It has made doctor-patient interactions easy, quick, and secure, enhancing the efficiency of healthcare services that must compete with time constraints.

Arincare’s user-friendly Telemedicine system, connecting seamlessly with hospital workflows, complements and enhances our patient care system. There are plans to expand and accommodate patient services in other specialty clinics within the group.”

MedCare Telehealth Powered by Zoom emphasizes security, ensuring users, including patients, their families, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers, can trust the safety of their information. The platform adheres to international standards for protecting health information, including Personal Health Information (PHI), and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These regulations, established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), set global standards for safeguarding health data, ensuring privacy and security in healthcare communications.

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