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HomePro introducing the EV Truck, electric power, 100% clean energy.

HomePro moves forward with the project towards a green transportation system or Green Transport, preparing before heading to a world-class Net Zero organization in 2050 by adapting to the use of electric pickup trucks and electric trucks 100% for freight transport, which reduces transportation costs by approximately 21%.

Weerapun Ungsumalee, Director and Managing Director of Home Product Center Public Company Limited or HomePro Said, “HomePro sees problems arising from various factors. Ready to strive to elevate the organization towards sustainable business operations to be an important part in reducing the problem of wasted energy use and solving the country’s environmental problems, and it is in line with the government’s policy to drive BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy), which has the same goal of protecting the environment and reducing global warming, which is a global problem. Recently, to reduce the use of diesel energy in the transportation system, the company has introduced clean-energy electric trucks, or EV trucks, to strengthen the logistics system. Ready to reduce shipping costs that are due to external factors beyond our control of fluctuations in the world oil market.”

Green Transportation or Green Transport is one of HomePro’s 5-year strategic plans based on the principles of sustainable innovation. Our key goal is to be a world-class Net Zero organization by 2050 by changing the format of transportation vehicles from cars powered by gasoline to a vehicle that uses electric energy, or EV Truck is one of the projects that HomePro is operating to reach the goal of using 100% fully electric freight vehicles in 2035, and in 2024, HomePro aims to use approximately 14 electric trucks.

“Currently, HomePro has adapted to transporting goods with the clean energy of 6 and 18-wheel electric trucks, including an electric pickup truck used to transport tiles. Various materials and equipment from the warehouse will be distributed to all HomePro branches located in every province in Thailand. In 2024, in the first phase of EV car routes, we will provide routes in Bangkok and will expand to the southern and northeastern regions. In the second phase, we found that the Green Transport project reduced transportation costs by more than 21%.”

Weerapun Ungsumalee further said, “Recently, HomePro has installed more electrical delivery vehicle charging stations in the warehouse to support. Moreover, we are also looking for partners related to transportation to study and provide support to find funding sources for the change to use electric vehicles as well, because currently in Thailand there are options for electric trucks that can answer the limited Green Transport problem.”

“We consider converting freight vehicles to electric vehicles not only to help save on transportation costs but also to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 16 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per car per year. Compared to using 10 electric vehicles, this is equivalent to planting 568 trees, which HomePro is ready to join in as one of the pushing and drive society to move towards carbon neutrality for sustainability in the future.”

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