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True showcases enhanced “LIVE – Cell Broadcast” for emergency alerts in 5 languages

True Corporation Plc, Thailand’s leading telecom-tech company, conducted an enhanced test of the “LIVE – Cell Broadcast Service” with real users for the first time in Thailand. The initiative aims to enhance safety and emergency alerts for Thai citizens and international tourists. Additionally, it highlights the capabilities of the BNIC smart network operations center, equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for managing disaster incidents 24 hours a day.

Manat Manavutiveth, Chief Executive Officer of True Corporation Plc., said, “We are particularly proud to further develop the Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) by conducting real-world testing. This system, widely used globally for emergency alerts sent directly to mobile phones, enhances our ability to handle various emergencies promptly and accurately. CBS includes both audio signals and pop-up messages on screens, supporting Text-to-Speech technology for visually impaired users.”

In recent years, Thailand has faced significant losses from natural disasters, accidents, and criminal activities. Climate change exacerbates these natural disasters, increasing their frequency and severity. As we enter the era of “Global Boiling,” unforeseen threats loom.

Due to the awareness of these threats, True Corporation, as a leading telecommunications service provider in the country with more than 50 million subscribers, has collaborated with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), and other relevant government agencies such as the Meteorological Department, to develop the Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) system as a crucial tool for public disaster alerts. True Corporation successfully tested the Emergency Alert System, or Cell Broadcast, in a laboratory setting on January 15, 2024, with several key highlights including:

  • Supports all languages: The system can design and send alerts in any language simultaneously. Tested with 5 languages: Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.
  • Fast: Capable of sending disaster alert messages immediately when an incident occurs.
  • Accurate: Can accurately define target areas for message delivery.
  • Comprehensive: Can send messages to all users in disaster-prone areas without the need for prior registration.
  • Reliable: A system recognized and operational in many countries worldwide.

Manat said, “The development of the Cell Broadcast Service aligns with the government’s policy on national disaster alert system development and the digital economy and social development strategy of the country. Moreover, it contributes to achieving sustainable development goals, particularly Goal 11, which aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.”

The emergency alert system, or Cell Broadcast, of True Corporation can set alert levels in 5 categories based on their operational functions and collaboration with the government:

  1. National Alert: Highest-level alert, of utmost importance, notifying everyone within the coverage area immediately.
  2. Emergency Alert: Alerts for various disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, flash floods, or threats from criminals.
  3. Amber Alert: Alerts regarding missing persons, including children, and abduction alerts to inform the public to be vigilant and report sightings.
  4. Public Safety: Alerts for public safety concerns in specific areas or for residential areas, communities, and travelers passing through.
  5. Test Alert: Test alerts used for specific operational purposes, to test and verify before expanding to monitoring and alerts at various levels.

In addition, True Corporation has developed the Business and Network Intelligence Center (BNIC) equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to centrally manage operations during disasters, enhancing efficiency in management and building customer confidence among their over 50 million subscribers.

“True Corporation is confident that through cooperation across all sectors, we can create a safe society capable of effectively responding to disasters. The development of the Cell Broadcast Service is just the beginning of enhancing Thailand’s security and disaster alert measures, aligning with international standards. We hope this system will significantly reduce the loss of life and property among Thai citizens and tourists in the future,” Manat concluded.

The “LIVE – Cell Broadcast Service” test, which allows emergency alerts to be sent directly to mobile users for the first time in Thailand by True Corporation, marks a significant milestone for the country in elevating its security and disaster alert measures to international standards. This initiative represents a close collaboration between the government and private sectors in developing foundational security infrastructure, which will enhance the quality of life for citizens and bolster the confidence of tourists in Thailand in the long run.

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