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BMA and AIS expand Aunjai Cyber to BMA-affiliated schools 437 BMA schools

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has partnered with AIS and other state networks in the Department of Mental Health, the Ministry of Public Health and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, to expand the curriculum of digital skills with the “Aunjai Cyber Syllabus”. Education in the digital age is being upgraded to inoculate for cyber-immunity, as well as giving knowledge to teachers, educators and educational staff, as well as students at 437 schools affiliated with the BMA, counting over 250,000 target students and educational personnel. Targets have been set to produce digital citizens and a high score in Thailand Cyber Wellness Index among students in Bangkok. They should become cyber-literate with digital skills to safely negotiate social media and other technology, and use them responsibly.

This is accomplished by making the Aunjai Cyber Syllabus part of the standard school curriculum, as well as the focus of extra-curricular activities such as after-school clubs, student development activities, guideline activities or even teaching customised to the needs of a particular institution. The whole program will be initiated throughout the educational year of 2023.

Sanon Wangsrangboon, Deputy Governor of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration commented, “Education policy is part of the BMA’s remit policies have been outlined by BMA Governor Chadchart Sittipunt. The critical target is to upgrade educational standards and teaching in BMA-affiliated schools to be in step with rapidly ongoing changes in the world of digital technology. In particular, we want to provide kids with the relevant digital content and skills to negotiate the online world safely and responsibly, while not falling victim to scammers. This cooperation with AIS, the Department of Mental Health and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi is another key step in upgrading BMA’s educational policies and taking them to the next level.

“The syllabus we shall use is Aunjai Cyber, which has been certified by the Ministry of Education as meeting the standards of curricula for schools. It will be integrated with teaching materials in the subjects of Computing Science and Social Studies. Students will be involved from BMA schools at Kindergarten, Primary, and upper/lower Secondary levels in 437 schools. The course will enable educators, students, parents and the general public in communities numbering over 250,000 people to access new knowledge, improve their digital skills and give themselves cyber-immunity, while not falling victim to scammers and enjoying the digital world safely.”

Saichon Submakudom, Acting Head of Public Relations and Business Relations Business Unit at AIS, said, “Latest studies of the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index looked at the common assumption that  the younger generation is more expert at using digital media. In actual fact, they are another vulnerable group who must improve their skills and understanding of using digital correctly, so that they should not fall victim to cyber scams. This statistic has been a driver for us working with the BMA to bring the principles of Aunjai Cyber into the classrooms of Bangkok’s schools.

“We have previously introduced the course for educators, school staff and students in 29,000 schools around the country affiliated to the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC). The program has also been extended to universities including Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna. We are even able to bring it to the general public through organizations such as the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA). We have great expectations that this collaboration with the BMA will enable young people, educators and other personnel to have knowledge and understanding about using digital safely and responsibly. It is a key part of ongoing efforts to improve scores on the Thailand Cyber Wellness Index.”

“Aunjai Cyber Syllabus” is presented in 4 Professional Skill Modules (4P4), which approach digital skills in the following framework:

  1. Practice, knowledge and understanding of using tech correctly and appropriately
  2. Personality, recommendations for personal protection online
  3. Protection, learning how to protect against cyber threats online
  4. Participation, interacting with appropriate skills and behavior for social media.

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