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TikTok aims to become “Platform for Everyone”

In less than three years since its launch, TikTok has become a favorite platform among hundreds of million people around the globe. Every month, over 800 million people have accessed TikTok for fun, inspirations and more.

“We are going to expand further to reach all groups of consumers,” said Pakorn Vatanachaleamvutikon, Head of Marketing – Thailand, “We set our sight on becoming the platform for everyone”.

Featuring short-form video content, TikTok is undeniably most popular among the young though this social-networking platform does attract users from various generations. Users can easily edit their video with TikTok, add music, and put in effects at great ease.
Strengths of TikTok

TikTok, which is relatively young, is fresh in image. It also rides well on the growing popularity of short video. Leveraging machine learning, this platform knows real well which videos it should recommend to each of its users too. So, on the overall, its users are constantly excited and satisfied.

“We have also developed new features and campaigns all the time to deliver great user experiences,” Pakorn said during an exclusive interview with The Story Thailand.

According to him, TikTok has noticed that users aged between 18 and 34 years old are generally looking for not just fun but also educational content. TikTok therefore has launched #TikTokUni campaign to mix exciting content with math/English knowledge.

“We have served self-improvement content too. Thanks to our creators’ remarkable creativity, our video content is fun, concise and easy to share,” he added.
TikTok Presence in Thai Market

About 18.5 million Thais have used TikTok. Each day, they access the platform seven times on average. On the overall, they spend one hour a day on TikTok.

When Thais went into strict lockdown in April in the face of COVID-19 threat, TikTok sought to entertain people with #เมษาathome (#Aprilathome) campaign. Contributors to the campaign showed off their skills and creativity. Altogether, their content attracted 1.5 billion views.

TikTok Shines as Marketing Tool

Several brands have already started using TikTok for their marketing communications. TikTok has now generated its revenue from its reach via Brand Takeover, In-Feed Ads, and Top View features. Its revenue also comes from Engagement via Hashtag Challenge and Branded Effect.

“We have attracted brands from various fields including communications gadgets, electronic devices and beverages,” Pakorn said.

He disclosed that even the Public Health Ministry, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) have turned to TikTok to send their messages across fast and accurately.

Constant Development, Stronger Ecosystem

Pakorn said it was a challenge to create interesting short video that appealed to consumers at the time they were flooded with information. “Recognizing such challenge, we have been endlessly developing our platform, content and services,” this high-level executive said.

At present, his firm has experimented with giving selected users permission to broadcast their content live. The feedback from overall users will then determine as to whether such feature should continue.

“We have tried to inspire others to jump into our platform and create video that resonate with their personality, because we want to create a great ecosystem for our users, creators and brands,” Pakorn pointed out.

He disclosed that TikTok now focused on diversifying its content and striking a good balance of fun and knowledge. Its efforts, moreover, are designed to be compatible with digital marketing. “As we reach out to more groups of consumers, more brands will come to our platform,” Pakorn quipped.



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