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AIS supports NBTC’s policy to combat cybercrime

AIS supports the NBTC in its actions to reduce the impact of cybercriminals and provides help for customers holding 6 mobile phone numbers or more for verifying identities

Waroonthep Watcharaporn, Head of Business Relations Department AIS stated, ” Cybercrime is a persistent and dangerous threat that has given rise to constant worries. AIS have a strong commitment to informing our customers and the public about this matter and handling it with the highest care. To keep up with cybersecurity risks, we have been actively boosting digital skills Under the AIS AUNJAI CYBER program, we are also working in various capacities with government organizations such as the CCIB, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, and the NBTC to ensure and protect the security of our customers and Thais People.”

Latest from the NBTC’s policy to combat cybercrime, which announced criteria for identity verification and service usage data for individual customers holding 6 mobile phone numbers or more, both Postpaid and prepaid. Customers must undergo identity verification to prevent illicit activities, such as using phone numbers for wrongful purposes.

AIS is fully committed to facilitating customers in accordance with this policy. Notifications via SMS will be sent to the affected numbers, prompting identity verification on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, with the sender listed as “AIS” (no attached link). This measure aims to preserve rights and prevent temporary suspensions. Customers can verify their identities through AIS Shop, AIS Telewiz, and nationwide distributors. Alternatively, customers can verify their identities through two channels: 1. Dial *161*2*ID Card Number# and make a free call (follow SMS instructions), 2. Use the myAIS App (for prepaid customers).

Regarding the time frame for customers to verify their identities, there are two intervals:

  1. For customers holding between 6 and 100 mobile numbers, the identity verification process must be completed within 180 days from the date of receiving the SMS notification.
  2. For customers holding 101 mobile numbers or more, the identity verification process must be completed within 30 days from the date of receiving the SMS notification.     

For customers who do not verify their identities within the specified timeframe, as a measure to protect security against potential misuse by criminals, the company will temporarily suspend outgoing services. However, customers will still be able to receive calls and access the internet through the AIS website and the myAIS app. Outgoing calls will be restricted (except for emergency numbers and the AIS Call Center). Customers can re-enable outgoing services by verifying their identities through the mentioned channels.  

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