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TrueBusiness collaborates with Infobip to launch “True CPaaS”.

TrueBusiness, partners with Infobip, the global cloud communications platform, to launch “True CPaaS” (True Communications Platform as a Service), the next-gen AI-enabled communications solution, enriching Thailand’s digital customer experience. The platform unifies omni-channel into one single platform, eliminating complexity in managing a variety of communication channels and customer journey engagement.

The AI-empowered platform also enables enterprises to deliver personalized conversational experience to their customers, utilizing customer insight data, automated and always-on communication covering marketing, sales, and customer support. True CPaaS is applicable for businesses of all sizes in various industries, such as finance, insurance, retail, e-commerce, tourism, and healthcare. With an as-a-service model, the platform provides easy deployment immediately after subscription, allowing flexibility in supporting business needs and rapid business expansion while ensuring high data security.

How Lih Ren, Head of Commercial, Strategy and TelcoTech Partnership, True Corporation Plc, said that TrueBusiness collaborates with Infobip to launch “True CPaaS”, the next-gen AI-enabled communications solution. The platform enables enterprises to simply and effectively manage all communication channels including voice call, SMS, MMS, email, web push notifications, mobile app messaging, chat and social media, via one single platform. Enterprises also enrich their customer digital experiences with personalized conversational experiences through True CPaaS. An AI-empowered platform enables customer data collection and analytics for communication messages and channels customization matched with each customer’s preference along customer journey, leading to increased sales and successful marketing campaigns, while reducing redundant communication costs. The as-a-service model makes this solution easily applied for businesses across various industries.

Johan Jensen, Regional Telecom Growth Lead at Infobip, said “Our partnership with TrueBusiness is set to revolutionize the Thai market. Together, we’re introducing advanced cloud communication solutions that will elevate customer experiences to unprecedented levels. We’re thrilled about the impact this collaboration will have, propelling enterprises into a new era of digital transformation and customer satisfaction. Businesses can expect to maximize engagement throughout the entire customer journey with personalized messages on the best customer engagement solution.”

True CPaaS delivers 3 key highlight benefits to enterprises including 1) personalized conversational experience, 2) automated & always-on communication, and 3) empowered customer insight data. The platform can be integrated with organizations’ current CRM and E-Commerce platform such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Service Now, Oracle Responsys, Adobe Commerce, HubSpot, and Meta, in order to let businesses manage end-to-end customer experience. Starting from marketing team to have 360° customer view, personalize offering and customers’ favorite channel. Then sales can be done via omni-channel interactions, automated trigger actions, and two way conversations. After that customers are supported by prompt human-like chatbot and transferred to support agent. All conversation history and insight reports are available for businesses.

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