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Jobsdb by SEEK unify marketplace platforms, providing “Better Matches”

Jobsdb by SEEK unveiled its brand-new platform, powered by parent company SEEK, that provides employers and job seekers with three benefits: Better Matches, Better Experience, and Better Advice. The Company aims to unlock a better recruitment and job search experience than ever before through AI technology with the new Unified Platform, connecting millions of talent and employers across Asia.

SEEK’s unification of its employment marketplaces comes 10 years after it acquired Jobstreet and Jobsdb and follows three years of development and an estimated AUD$180 million investment.

“At SEEK, everything we do revolves around our customers. One unified platform means we can now offer our product to millions of people across Asia in an entirely new way so that our customers can find jobs and talent more easily. This puts us in a stronger position, more than ever before, to realize our ambition of helping 500 million people develop their careers with five million companies in the region,” says Lewis NG, Chief Operating Officer, Asia, SEEK.

Duangporn Promon, Managing Director of Jobsdb by SEEK, revealed that the Job industry in the first half of 2024 is expected to grow by 54%, based on the average number of job postings on the Jobsdb website per month, which has increased by 59%. Moreover, employers that were actively hiring increased by 6 percentage point year-on-year. Data from the National Statistical Office shows that Thailand has had the lowest unemployment rate since 2021. Consequently, this has led to a 28% year-on-year increase in the purchase of advertising space to post job vacancies on the platform. Employers are seeking faster and more accurate ways to hire, while job seekers are looking for ways to stand out amidst fierce competition in the job market.

Understanding this insight,  Jobsdb by SEEK is helping address both employers and job seekers’ needs through three benefits that come with the new Unified platform:

  1. Better Matches: Facilitating easy and rapid job matching with suitable candidates through the intelligence of AI in searching, recommending, and assisting in selecting qualified applicants.
  2. Better Experience: Offering employers seamless hiring across the Asia-Pacific region, accessing over 40 million world-class talents. Employers can increase their chances of finding job seekers in every country within the SEEK network.
  3. Better Advice: Implementing proactive strategies to enhance recruitment efficiency with in-depth data analysis from SEEK. This helps access information about job postings and expenses, understand the demand and supply of job positions, as well as receive reports from surveys and helpful hiring recommendations, making recruitment an easy and adaptable process.

Neeraj Goswami, Head of Product, SEEK, shared that SEEK aims to revolutionise the recruitment and job search experience, making it easier and faster through AI technology. With the Unified platform, Jobsdb now draws on its parent company SEEK’s over 25 years of APAC-wide data, optimising it for Thailand based on local insights. This is driven by SEEK’s data and AI team of over 200 people, who are completely focused on the APAC region. 

SEEK’s Unification program is now ready to provide superior recommendations for employers in Thailand to enhance the quality of talent acquisition and outperform competitors. This includes data analysis updated through dashboards, comparing job posting performance with competitors, in-depth applicant data, and suggestions to improve job posting efficiency.

In addition, the Unification platform has introduced three more features on Jobsdb:

  1. AI Smarter Search: Utilizing past search behaviors of applicants to display more relevant job positions, with an increased efficiency of up to 25% by using AI in conjunction with market insights and SEEK data.
  2. Enhanced Applicant Profiles: Improving applicant profiles and enhancing recommendation tools to deliver better job matches than before.
  3. Job Applicant Questions: AI-driven recommendations for job applicant questions, making it easier and faster to filter suitable candidates.

The platform integration by SEEK this time also involves assisting in recommending candidates who meet the requirements of employers.  This Unified marketplace platform and its capabilities are currently available to SEEK customers across Asia, including Jobsdb by SEEK. Simultaneously, the AI technology assists candidates with relevant qualifications to discover more opportunities, as well as enable searches using conversational language similar to human speech.

SEEK, an Australia-based Tech Company that is registered on the Australian Securities Exchange acquired Jobsdb in 2014. It has been a market leader in employment marketplaces, operating for over 25 years, with presence in more than eight countries across Asia Pacific including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. On the Unified platform, SEEK now has 40 million talent profiles and over 2.5 million employers in APAC. SEEK has integrated AI technology to improve job matching for job seekers and employers, enabling job seekers to find suitable jobs that match their abilities and requirements, while employers can find suitable candidates faster.

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