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Central Pattana expands its GO! Hotel brand in four locations in Rayong-Chonburi

Central Pattana Plc., has unveiled its strategy ensuring that GO! Hotel becomes number one in the Premium Budget Hotel segment and is rolling out GO! Hotel in four main locations including GO! Hotel Bowin, GO! Hotel Banchang, GO! Hotel Chonburi and GO! Hotel Si Racha, penetrating both EEC and major tourist destinations.  GO! Hotel offers a special price starting at 990 baht per night to meet the needs of modern travelers who work and spend leisure time during their trip. GO! Hotel has received great feedback with an occupancy rate higher than 80% since the opening of the first GO! Hotel.

Surang Jirattigalachote, Head of Hotel Development, Central Pattana Plc., said: “With Central Pattana’s expertise combined with a good ecosystem that seamlessly connects within Central Group, we are confident to continue with our hotel expansion in potential locations. Our hotels are usually adjacent to or close to the local Central or Robinson shopping center. 

We are moving forward with the Premium Budget Hotel portfolio under the name GO! Hotel as we are committed to upgrading the holiday experience. This is reflected in the quality design and high standard of services to ensure that all of our customers receive great value and convenience during their stay. This will support the increasing demand for choosing to stay at a budget hotel – which is becoming very popular.”

“We opened the first GO! Hotel in Bowin and we are currently expanding to three more locations: GO! Hotel Chonburi, Si Racha, all in Chonburi province and GO! Hotel Banchang in Rayong province.  This is ‘cluster region’ expansion covering the eastern region, penetrating a major economic and tourism zone and will ensure that GO! Hotel becomes a ‘strategic hotel’ in a ‘strategic location’ for all travelers to rest assured that there is a GO! Hotel ready to welcome them in each and every city,” 

Phoom Chirathivat, Head of Hotel Investments and Operations, Central Pattana plc, said: “We intend to ensure that GO! Hotel fulfils the ‘Bleisure’ lifestyle and is ‘Top of Mind’ for those who travel for business and leisure purposes nationwide. GO! Hotel Bowin was launched as the first location and has received great feedback, with an occupancy rate of more than 80%. This allows us to see the importance and exponential growth of the budget hotel industry and we are ready to support the growth and expand our hotels throughout the country.”

GO! Hotel is suitable for all generations, ages and travel purposes, with a design that meets the needs of relaxation and convenience, and locations close to our shopping centers. Business travelers can also use our hotels to work in as we are equipped with functional workstations and sufficient plug sockets in every corner of the room. A hangout corner with co-workers in the lobby is available 24 hours a day. Our hotels are also perfect for tourists who visit local music festivals or for corporate groups that visit the area,” Mr. Phoom added.

Five special experiences from GO! Hotel:

  1. Amazing sleeping experience, with a soft extra-large bed and premium bedding in addition to complete black-out curtains for perfect relaxation. Enjoy a spa experience with bathroom products from popular brand: Let’s Relax Lifestyle (LRL), exquisite 100% cotton towels and a portable hair dryer in every room.
  2. Modern design in GO! style – the building features the unique identity of GO! Hotel, with interior design concepts of a splash of color and tone that give out vibrancy, energy, and fun, with furniture that fits together perfectly.
  3. Hotels under Central Pattana – one of the most stable and reliable groups in Thailand and recognized internationally. Our GO! hotels are located next to our shopping center branches in business districts, with perfect convenience for business and leisure trips. 
  4. GO! Premium Budget is not a regular budget hotel as we pay attention to every detail and use premium materials to ensure a comfortable stay at great value in addition to special promotions to ensure that you are well rested and ready to ‘GO!’ to your next destination or perform your activities with full energy!
  5. Fulfiling the needs of all lifestyles for those who love to visit places either individually or as a group. Our hotels feature a co-working space in addition to desk workstation in the room with high-speed internet and a 24-hour food and beverage service point (Grab & GO) to meet the needs of working people. Moreover, our hotel has a pet-friendly concept to fulfil the needs of people with – bring your four-legged friends and check in together!

Special promotions to please our special customers:

Discover GO! Hotel in the heart of centralwOrld on the 3rd floor, EDEN Zone at the ‘Let’s Go HOTEL’ event packed with many special deals from today until 24 September 2023, with a special promotion of a one-night stay for 990 baht (normal price 1,500 baht) and a two-night stay for 1,600 baht (normal price 3,000 baht) along with super fun activities to win popular beverages from brands such as SO! COFF, SO! COFF, Supersports, Robinson, Central etc.

Special Happy Hour – get a chance to win a one-night stay for only 99 baht; 120 prizes (twice a day, 12.00-13.00 hrs./17.00-18.00 hrs.) and get a chance to win a Central & RBS Gift Voucher worth 2,000 baht and a free one-night stay and premium woven pillows from Go! Hotel (750 baht), 40 prizes in total in addition to mementos from popular brands such as Let’s Relax Lifestyle. Enjoy over 1,500 prizes worth a total value of 350,000 baht

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