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SAP helps Zuellig Pharma transform healthcare with technology

At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference, Zuellig Pharma, one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia, revealed insightson how the healthcare industry can stay resilient and respond to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients. 

With the onset of the pandemic last year, Zuellig Pharma needed to process an increasing amount of sales orders efficiently for customers to receive much-needed healthcare supplies. To address this, Zuellig Pharma built several bots in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that helped the company to extract data from different non-automated channels and to maintain them in the SAP system. 

Daniel Laverick, Head of SAP & IT Solutions Zuellig Pharma shared, “Even before the pandemic, we saw the importance of driving efficiencies so that we could grow, operate and support larger scale and more complex healthcare supply chains. With this in mind, we embarked on a digital transformation journey with SAP and were able to quickly activate our technologies to address the spike in customer orders from countries like Thailand when the pandemic hit. This agility and speed of our sales order processing accounted for an increase of approximately 100,000 sales orders processed daily which helped us to continue our mission of making healthcare more accessible.”

Since then, Zuellig Pharma has deployed more than 60 automations across various business units and countries to enhance its most critical processes with SAP technology.

The company has also launched eZVax, a vaccine management solution that that enables governments and private clients to manage all aspects of vaccine distribution and administration. It features its proprietary eZTracker solution, built on SAP Blockchain Technology, to address the issue of counterfeit medical products in the healthcare supply chain.  In addition to tackling industry pain points, eZTracker empowers patients to join the fight against counterfeits and ultimately improve their access to quality healthcare. 

Committed to helping the world run better and improve people’s lives, SAP continues to support enterprises and individuals across industries with our comprehensive solutions to conquer the current pandemic and shape the new normal for the world. This reflects on the latest announcement of SAP® Business Network, the first step in its bold vision to create new business communities able to improve business outcomes, better navigate changing economic and geopolitical conditions and enhance sustainability contributions.



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