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TAGTHAi with its business alliances, has released a new route called “Chao Phraya River Pass”

In response to the Government’s policies, TAGTHAi has used highlights of each area to attract tourists as per the concept of high quality tourism and to design culture-based tourism routes by the Chao Phraya River in order to create new experiences and to stimulate F.I.T. (Free Independent Travelers) markets and to generate incomes to communities.

Thiratida Kuvantrarai, CEO of Thai Digital Platform Social Enterprise Company Limited, a service provider of Thai Tourism Platform, namely “TAGTHAi”, has given the data that the design of services and activity highlights is to promote Thai culture and good images such as wearing Thai dresses to worship sacred items or use of boats for traveling in ancient times until the use of motor tricycles (Tuk Tuk) as vehicles for traveling in the present time.

“The Chao Phraya River Pass has its business alliances such as Chao Phraya Tourist Boat, Riva Arun Bangkok Hotel, Riva Surya Bangkok Hotel and Tuk Tuk Hop, to promote culture-based tourism connecting tourism routes on both sides of the Chao Phraya River, and to facilitate the land and water traveling to solve problems of traveling and visiting landmarks around Koh Rattanakosin for more convenience by organizing 3 highlighted activities to fulfill the happiness and to create the first impression among foreign tourists who are interested in culture-based tourism routes by the Chao Phraya River.

TAT and TAGTHAi sign MOU to bolster Thailand tourism

At the beginning of this month, the data of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has indicated the overall situations of continuous recovery of Thailand tourism. From January to March of this year, Thailand has generated the total income from tourism of over 300 million Baht, reflecting that foreign tourists have been continuously visiting Thailand.  Therefore, we truly hope that the Chao Phraya River Pass shall be one of the services which are beneficial to foreign tourists and the tourism business sector in this Region, and shall help promote the growth of Thailand tourism to reach the targeted numbers of 35 million tourists as fixed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)”.

Provided that 3 highlighted activities of the Chao Phraya River Pass include visiting to landmarks around Koh Rattanakosin such as the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, City Pillar Shrine, the Golden Mount and Metal Castle, learning of culture and ways of life by the river of urban people, and transportation to interchanges of sky trains and subways, rental of Thai dresses for photo shoots at Wat Arun and other popular check-in spots by the Chao Phraya River among foreign tourists.

In addition to those activities, the Chao Phraya River Pass has also offered a variety of worthy benefits such as great meal sets from 6 famous restaurants and cafés, including massage services from 5 Thai massage parlors for release of fatigue after trips.

Special Offer! For those interested in buying tickets of the Chao Phraya River Pass to experience atmospheres of culture-based tourism by the Chao Phraya River, simply enter a code of TAGTHAIRIVER for entitlements in the process of buying tickets of the Chao Phraya River Pass during 21st March-31st May 2024, and instantly get 5% discount. 

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