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The new look of Gaysorn Amarin

Gaysorn Village moved full gear ahead on its redevelopment plan to introduce Thailand’s first and only “Placemaking” destination by unveiling the new face of Gaysorn Amarin, a key building block slated to accomplish the ambition of the whole complex in becoming a truly urban lifestyle village. Gaysorn Amarin will be ready to welcome customers at the end of 2023. 

Charn Srivikorn, Chairman of Gaysorn Property said, “Elevating Gaysorn Village to become a ‘Placemaking Destination’ is distinctly different compared to the development of other lifestyle spaces in Bangkok. We are not constructing a new building. Rather, we see the value of an original building that cultivates rich memories and glorious stories of the past. The major rebranding of Gaysorn Amarin under the concept ‘Live your own legacy,’ is, therefore, a continuation of the legendary Amarin Plaza shopping center, which has been in the Ratchaprasong district for over 38 years. Gaysorn Amarin’s new design concept will provide customers and visitors with exceptional experiences that harmoniously connect the values of the past to the present and future and a seamless whole. Our goal is to transform this “long-standing” place into a new meaningful space in Bangkok, where people can live their lives uniquely, whether it is to seek or create new inspirations, explore the sensation of events and activities, or fill the many shapes and forms of life experiences to the heart’s desire.” 

The full completion of Gaysorn Village will transform the Ratchaprasong district into Bangkok’s Capital of Lifestyle District through a new definition of energized and civilized urban living in 4 lifestyle elements: 

  1. #MINGLE – Place for Tasteful Moments 

Experience the perfect combination of exquisite cuisine and a joyful atmosphere in the Hanging Garden, the new semi-outdoor area in front of Gaysorn Amarin that accents “Gaysorn Cocoon” design features adorned with lush green and vegetation surrounding the majestic Roman columns, which stand as unique, remarkable attribute of the building. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Ratchaprasong district– the legendary hub where people gather from dusk to dawn to enjoy meticulously crafted food and drinks by award-winning chefs and mixologists, as well as special events and entertainment. Indulge in delicious meals every day with The COOK, which offers a wide selection of popular Bangkok street food. Gaysorn Village also organizes a multitude of events, bringing together all kinds of connoisseurs, from food and beverage to those interested in socializing and celebrating, with the likes of the “Gaysorn Les Vendanges”, where wine enthusiasts gather to taste and discover new flavors with vast range of rare, boutique and artisanal wines from around the world, which is held every September. 

  • #ADORE – Place Where Artisans and Admirers Meet 

    Indulge in the art scene that offers more to the eye than simply shopping. Admire the various diverse works of designers, creators, and skilled craftsmen from all over the world. This area consists of three zones. First is the Piazza, a spacious multi-purpose courtyard that harmoniously connects the area outside the building to a road, creating a vibrant atmosphere to welcome people and accommodate innovative activities and events. Next is the Forum, an event space for innovative shows, presentations, lifestyle experiences, and a diverse range of artworks. Beneath the skylight, the interior hall prides itself in the intricately patterned floral designs on the glass roof. Similar to the Atrium and Cocoon spaces at Gaysorn Center and Gaysorn Tower, this area showcases collaborations between Thai and international artists and designers, such as Biyan or Dries Van Noten, as well as local famous names like Sean Chvanol Kaisiri, Yoon-Punpat Techamethakul, etc. Another new zone is the Infinity Escalator, a space that features stores of local and international fashion and lifestyle brands with unique, compelling story, as well as special showcases curated by influencers with distinctive lifestyle from different fields of interest.  The Infinity Escalator is an extension of Gaysorn Village’s famed Designer Lane, which offers the ultimate experience with fashion, jewelry, and special accessories well-suited for a variety of lifestyles. Featuring the most unique brands from Thailand and across the globe, Gaysorn Village aims to foster a community of like-minded individuals to interact and create memorable meetings. 
  • #BOOST – Place for Urbanist Wellness  

    Strengthen yourself and the quality of your life with ‘Gaysorn Urban Wellness’, a space for urbanists to revitalize their mind, body, and soul in these 3 elements: Beauty & Aesthetics, which focuses on the health of your body, skin, and hair; Health & Wellness, which comprises a full range of service offerings on anti-aging treatment, immunity boost, health restoration and dietary supplement prescription catering to specific needs of individuals; and Mental Wellbeing, which serves as a place to escape from the noise of the city and relax your mind and body as well as restore your mental health from hectic work and personal life. Every service brings together latest innovation and cutting-edge technology to offer personalized programs for each individual as well as result-oriented care and treatments by well-known specialists to deliver a true wellness experience for urbanists.  
  • #THRIVE – Place to Collaborate & Grow Creatively 

Enhance your work quality in a dynamic workplace that inspires creativity. Located in the vibrant Ratchaprasong District, preferred by multinational companies for their premier office building, attracting new young talents with its convenient access to the BTS and a diverse range of lifestyle choices, the postmodern style grade A office spaces in Gaysorn Amarin Tower boast newly designed and renovated spaces for modern comfort & well-being for the community. Unique co-working space with full-serviced office solution, and working pods that support hybrid work styles are crafted throughout the building to provide ingeniously functional workspaces outside of office for flexibility and an alternative work setting that is conducive to efficiency and creativity. Within the Gaysorn Village, work and meet like-minded individuals along with business partners in a vibrant and supportive workstyles community. Utilise other Gaysorn Village facilities such as the Gaysorn Urban Resort, which serves as a hub for professionals to engage in knowledge sharing and other enriching events including tech startup seminars and entrepreneurship exchanges that offer insight on the latest global business trends. By fostering a collaborative community, these will inspire individuals, nurture creativity, innovation, and support the creation of personal success stories. 

“The investment in rebranding Gaysorn Amarin and transforming Gaysorn Village of over 1,000 million Baht will play a significant role in stimulating the economy and reviving the Ratchaprasong district. It welcomes the recovery of economy and tourism, which is showing a continuous positive trend. We expect an increase in the number of tourists and travelers in 2023, as compared to 2022. 

Among numerous mixed-use development projects, revitalized Gaysorn Amarin to be part of Gaysorn Village offers a unique experience for city dwellers by creating a sense of charm, highlighting the architectural significance of the historic buildings. We welcome leading lifestyle brands both domestic and international as well as entrepreneurs, creators, designers in fashion, lifestyle, food & beverage and other industries to join us on a new journey towards success. Let’s collaborate and create new and meaningful experiences at Gaysorn Village, the new Placemaking destination, which will bring back the vibrancy of the Ratchaprasong district by the end of 2023,” Charn concluded. 

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