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CPN with WeChat Pay to create seamless shopping experience for Chinese tourists

Central Pattana plc, joins forces with “WeChat Pay of China to stimulate Thai tourism by creating seamless shopping experience for Chinese tourists which are expected to soar drastically this year.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: As the forecast of Chinese Tourist by TAT is around 5-8 Million in 2023 (45% – 72% recovery of 2019’s) & the impressive arrival during January & February as one of the Top 5 nationalities, Central Pattana PLC aims to capture this long time await target in every aspect starting from hometown through all the journeys. “We are very pleased to collaborate closely with WeChat Pay. We believe in WeChat Pay’s potential as Wechat Pay is a mobile payment service within WeChat app, the most popular instant messaging app with 1.3 billion active users in China. This means every Chinese tourist has WeChat Pay in his/ her daily life. Therefore, the intensive collaboration will help our key target to pay and complete transactions in a fast, convenient, and secure manner”.

Ben Yang, Managing Director of WeChat Pay Southeast Asia, said “We can foresee the potential of our cooperation with Central Pattana which is very high, given the fact that Central Pattana owns various popular shopping malls in key tourist destinations which all are must-visit malls for Chinese tourist across Thailand”.  WeChat Pay has planned to provide the exclusive promotions and ecosystem tools for Central Pattana’s malls after receiving the significantly positive results during Chinese New Year campaign.

“The performance of Central Pattana from wechat pay users is really outstanding. The transaction has been increased over 50% while its contribution vs all over Thailand is far beyond our expectation especially for Central World.”

With Central Pattana’s aggressive performance, WeChat Pay will support special promotional scheme with Wechat’s social networking functions and innovative product capabilities from its ecosystem together with some exclusive programs i.e., to provide the attractive exchange rate within Central Pattana’s selected merchants aiming at over 1,000 lists at key shopping malls namely Central World, Central Phuket, Central Pattaya, Central Chiangmai, Central Village, Central Samui, and Central Rama 9.

WeChat Pay is one of the Fin Tech services of Tencent, a Chinese multinational technology and entertainment conglomerate with the name as one of the highest grossing multimedia companies in the world based on revenue in China. It touches almost every aspect of everyday life, providing both online and offline services and giving users a highly efficient and intelligent payment experience, particularly in retail, dining, transportation, healthcare and leisure, and more. WeChat Pay covers over 68 countries and regions supporting payments in 26 currencies around the world. WeChat Pay takes a lot of hassle out of travel for Chinese users., helping to drive awareness and sales.

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