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KBank targets loan growth at 4-6% in 2021

To be in step with the ‘new normal’ era, KASIKORNBANK (KBank) has redefined its strategies focusing on growth, being a strong, trusted brand and boosting its competitiveness over the long term with the aim of empowering every customer’s life and business.

KBank is aiming for loan growth of 4-6 percent. Amid myriad challenges from the COVID-19 crisis, KBank continues to prioritize effective cost management and productivity enhancement.

Kattiya Indaravijaya, KBank Chief Executive Officer, noted that countries worldwide remain beset by challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic which has stifled economic activity across all levels. Hopes now rest upon coronavirus vaccinations as the solution. However, the overall global economy may see only a gradual recovery. Given this shared Thai and global context, KBank has announced its financial targets for 2021 as follows:

  • Loan Growth: 4-6%; Sensible loan growth in line with economic growth. The Bank expects strong retail loan growth at 11-13%, by using data analytics capability, while expects SME loan growth at 2-4% and Corporate loan growth at 1-3%
  • NIM: 3.1-3.3%, in line with interest rate trend.
  • Net Fee Income Growth: Low single digit growth. Net fee income will grow from credit card business, loan-related, and fund management business.
  • Cost to Income Ratio: Mid-40s. Revenue growth is under pressure due to slow economic recovery. However, the Bank remain focus on cost management and productivity improvement, with new investments for future growth.
  • NPL Ratio (Gross): 4.0-4.5%. COVID-19 impacts asset quality, while the Bank closely monitor and constantly review asset quality.
  • Credit Cost: Up to 160 bps. Maintain conservative assumptions and prudent financial policy amid high uncertainties related to COVID-19.

Kattiya said that amid drastic changes in consumer behavior and economic conditions as a result of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, KBank has reviewed its business strategies so that they are consistent with the new business context.

These include a continued commitment to operating business in line with the principles of a “Bank of Sustainability”, with adherence to the “Customer Centricity” philosophy and a goal to empower every customer’s life and business through offering the best service experience for customers in such forms as end-to-end services that meet all customers’ needs anywhere, anytime, and being attentive to the needs of customers and society.

With the trust earned from customers and the abovementioned goals, KBank has set strategic imperatives as follows:

  1. Development of strategies for business growth and customer responsiveness
    • Dominate Digital Payment in order to embed in select financially relevant ecosystems to serve customers whenever they need. We focus on data analytics in order to offer products and services appropriate for customers. To this end, K PLUS has been upgraded to be a digital platform to accommodate payment of any form and channel with the aim of embedding in customers’ ecosystems. We have developed payment innovations both domestically and internationally to allow customers to keep track of financial data, business transaction data and product delivery to strengthen their confidence and support their business operations.
    • Reimagine commercial and consumer lending to meet customers’ lifestyle and business needs while also increasing income for KBank with acceptable risk appetite. We have used data and digital channels to gain access to retail borrowers and considered risk-based pricing. Along with this, we have conducted analytics based on transaction data obtained from our suppliers within value chains in order to acquire customers with debt servicing ability who are interested in borrowing and to allow the Bank to undertake cost management of risks and operations more efficiently.
    • Democratize investment and insurance, focusing on retail customers and previously inaccessible groups through introduction of our Relationship Managers (RMs). We focus on products of KBank and other companies within KASIKORNBANK FINANCIAL CONGLOMERATE, including services provided by our business partners. For retail customers, investment platforms have been developed to facilitate our customers in making informed decisions based on a cost-effective approach.
    • Penetrate the regional market in order to increase opportunity to access customers in other AEC countries with brighter growth prospects in terms of population and economy.
    • Strengthen sales and service channel experience by integrating all service channels to allow our customers to conduct transactions anytime, anywhere. Our sales and service formats are suited to the demands of customers at different levels.
    • Improve value-based productivity by optimizing human resources, data, financial and technological capabilities.
  2. Create a strong, trusted brand via communication and management of experience gained by all related parties from doing business with KBank.
  3. Enhance competitiveness over the long term through the eight transformation journeys as follows:
    • Ecosystem Partnership & Harmonized Channel: Orchestrating ecosystems with partners and providing excellent experiences throughout customer journeys
    • Intelligent Lending: Leveraging customer data to offer a personalized lending experience and achieve fair, risk-adjusted returns
    • Proactive Risk & Compliance Management: Proactively identifying potential risks and establishing loss prevention and detection
    • Regional Payment & Settlement
      • Data Analytics: Expanding data analytics capability to enhance business opportunities and operational efficiency
    • Cyber Security
      • Performing Talent & Agile Organization: Developing employee potential in the drive towards an agile organization
      • Modern, World-Class Technology Capability: Adopting modern, world-class technology to make KBank the top regional financial service provider

Kattiya concluded that, with a strategic plan to move the company forward efficiently, prudent financial management and our personnel’s preparedness in dealing with future uncertainties, as well as the ability to enhance competitiveness over the long term, KBank will continue to maintain its strength, empower every customer’s life and business, and help the Thai economy to successfully navigate this crisis.



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