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SCB 10X collaborates with VISTEC to boost Thailand’s AI industry with specialized “WangChanGLM”

SCB 10X, has partnered with the Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) to collaborate on the research and development of WangChanGLM. This language model, specializing in Thai and capable of supporting other languages, is a Generative AI and Large Language Model available under a commercial-use permissible license. With its promising abilities in content summarization, idea generation, and article writing in Thai, this innovative technology aims to enhance equal and effective access to AI for the Thai population. Interested individuals can now try out and provide feedback on the WangChanGLM model at

Speaking about the new technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarana Nutanong, CEO of Visai AI Co., Ltd. and Dean of VISTEC’s School of Information Science & Technology, noted that “VISTEC is committed as a research university leading advancement in science, technology, and innovation. Recognizing the importance of technology and innovation in our society, we prioritize conducting research on artificial intelligence to facilitate the integration of high-quality AI technology into Thailand’s business and industrial sectors for their growth and development. As part of this endeavor, we have developed WangChanGLM, an AI language model that specializes in Thai and can support other languages through a commercial-use permissible license.

This Generative AI and Large Language Model will provide businesses with easier access to advanced artificial intelligence technology. We are delighted to have received assistance from SCB 10X in studying and developing the WangChanGLM demo interface, facilitating its accessibility to the business sector. Our aim is to foster the widespread adoption and development of artificial intelligence technology by the Thai community.

Kasima Tharnpipitchai, Entrepreneur in Residence at SCB 10X Co., Ltd. said, “SCB 10X recognizes the great potential of AI technology in addressing global financial challenges. While prioritizing the financial and banking sectors, we also place significant value on the Thai language, culture, and heritage. Through our collaboration with VISTEC in the release of the WangChanGLM Public Demo, SCB 10X has created and deployed a user-friendly web application and high-performance AI inference services that showcase the technology in a smooth and reliable manner.

Leveraging its capabilities in content summarization, idea generation, and article writing, with a strong focus on Thai language performance, this initiative aims to bridge the language gap prevalent in most English-centric AI research. By doing so, it enhances the accessibility and effectiveness of AI technology for Thai individuals. This collaboration aligns with SCB 10X’s vision of fostering exponential growth through investment and collaboration with promising startups in the digital technology landscape of the future which help improve the effectiveness of finance and banking services.”

Furthermore, SCB 10X has made an investment in the Pre-Series A funding round of VISAI, a provider of comprehensive artificial intelligence technology for the business sector. This investment, carried out in collaboration with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), aims to facilitate the accessibility of high-quality AI technology for businesses and industries in Thailand, while also encourages the advancement of AI technology by Thai individuals.

VISAI offers three key services to achieve these goals: the AI Cloud Platform, which delivers top-notch AI models through cloud infrastructure; AI Solutions, providing consultancy and the development of tailored AI solutions for business applications; and AI Training, a service dedicated to organizing training sessions on artificial intelligence and data science for businesses and organizations.

The WangChanGLM language model, designed specifically for Thai and other languages, operates as a Generative AI and Large Language Model under a commercial-use permissible license. It utilizes the Meta XGLM model, comprising 7.5 billion parameters, which is accessible on GitHub and Google Colab as an open-source resource for developers to utilize and train the model on their own. It is now available for interested individuals to explore and provide feedback to further enhance the model’s development.

To try out the WangChanGLM language model and contribute feedback, please visit

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