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‘CRAFT’ pins world’s first flagship store in Thailand

For the first time in Thailand and the world, CRAFT, Swedish sportswear brand, pins the brand’s first flagship store “CRAFT Thailand Experience Store” on the first floor of Siam Discovery, implementing the 6C Strategy to inspire runners until the finish line in their own styles. 

According to Kwanpong Chuenrudeemol, Managing Director of Playground 360 Co., Ltd., importer, distributor, and retailer of Thailand’s leading sports and lifestyle products, CRAFT has been recognized as a brand that sources air force grade materials for its products since 1977. Today, you can find this Swedish brand in over 60 countries around the world.

The sportswear and running shoes market in Thailand is attractive with a great room for expansion thanks to a larger number of runners compared to many other countries in Southeast Asia. Running has become even more popular than before COVID-19 as the number of runners is increasing each day while the average age is dropping lower. These factors contribute to Thailand’s largest running market in ASEAN. Various sports brands, including CRAFT, see this opportunity and want to offer quality product choice and inspire runners in Thailand to reach the top and become their own heroes, while growing up with the brand. 

In addition, Thailand has national sports that are easily accessible to everyone, such as boxing, takraw, football, especially running. Running events are organized frequently and not limited to Bangkok, not to mention major trail running events in the recent years.

The success of CRAFT is widely known internationally, but in Thailand, this will be the first time ever for the brand to launch “CRAFT Thailand Experience Store” as the first flagship store in Thailand and the world on the first floor of Siam Discovery. CRAFT’s goal is to introduce the brand to new markets, strengthen the brand, and accelerate the growth of sports and lifestyle products. 

“CRAFT’s first flagship store in Thailand and the world will reflect the brand identity through an interesting store layout that will inspire runners to sprint to success together with CRAFT,” said the Managing Director.

Siam Discovery – The Exploratorium, the location of the flagship store, complements not only the image of the brand as a leader in creativity and cutting-edge lifestyle trends from around the world, but also the positioning of CRAFT as an inclusive space for everyone to discover the right lifestyles for themselves while exploring the hypes in other places.

“CRAFT’s decision to open the world’s first flagship store at Siam Discovery is based on a collaboration to deliver superior products, services, and experiences to our customers. Above all, CRAFT is a community for real runners,” said


CRAFT outlines the marketing and communication plan for this year based on a strategy called “6C.”

For Thailand, CRAFT kicks off 2023 with the world’s first CRAFT flagship store in Thailand “CRAFT Experience Store” to raise brand awareness. The store design is influenced by the TOP LEVEL concept of the brand, which offers all categories of products from running race, trail, hybrid, training, to cycling/biking. Contrary to other CRAFT sales areas which are generally devoted only to one type of product, Thailand flagship store where you can find everything in one place is definitely a unique phenomenon.

All products – clothing, shoes and accessories – are designed in the Nordic style. CRAFT bags, for example, are charming for their luxury look but outstanding with a classic and elegant flair that boost the confidence of the wearers. With an investment of approximately 120 million baht in online and on-site marketing and business development, CRAFT is confident that within the store area of 152m2, customers will be satisfied with products made with best quality fabrics and materials and 46 years of non-stop innovations.

With cooperation from business partners in all regions of Thailand, CRAFT offers yet another choice for shoppers “CRAFT website E-commerce,” an online ordering channel. 

At the same time, CRAFT Community is established to support runners in Thailand to unlock their greatest potential through various programs, and to offer runners to try high-performance running shoes free for 3 days and 2 nights.

“Thailand has many talented runners who deserve support and sponsorship. CRAFT would like to find new runners who are willing to receive support from our products or training programs, and join our team. You can follow news from CRAFT Sportswear Thailand Facebook or Instagram, and be a part to help Thai runners achieve their highest goals.

CRAFT Member Club on Soi Thonglor will be the hub for the launch of the support programs, starting late 2023.

Technology is another key factor in delivering quality products and services to target customers. CTM Ultra Carbon is CRAFT’s core technology that acts as a Pro Endure Distance, ideal for training and distance running.

Collection Collab is a collaboration between CRAFT and world-class runners, including Tommy Rivs, American runner whose show is coming soon on Netflix recounting his athletic journey, Ida Nilson who recently won the 2022 World Trail Championship, and recognized running coach Manuela Vilaseca, along with other forefront athletes in track and trail running and other sports who will share their inspiring stories with runners in Thailand.

Not to be forgotten is Craft Website E-commerce, an online distribution channel that will be another platform to create marketing opportunities and help the brand get closer to target groups composed of track and trail runners, bikers, and trainers.

“We hope to see runners in Thailand open up to CRAFT and our high-performance shoes and clothes that can fulfil sport and lifestyle needs thanks to their modern design and cutting, outstanding materials and innovations, as well as our support programs for runners. Today, running shoes are another source of power for runners to challenge themselves, beat their limits and reach their desired goals.”

However, runners cannot have just one pair of shoes for all running programs and situations. Choosing the right shoes for your feet is essential. When training, it is important to have shoes that protect feet and muscles. Where speed is needed as runners compete in long-distance running, road running, trail running, the key is to wear running shoes with different features to serve different purposes. CRAFT pays attention to these details and offers a wide range of shoes to allow runners to avoid injury, sprained ankles or feet during running, and to make every run the happiest and most comfortable moment. Our shoes are wider so that they are not too tight and can accommodate the expansion of the foot muscles. This attention to detail has captured the hearts of many runners, especially in Asia and Thailand.

Other than running shoes, CRAFT offers other sports equipment such as bicycles, training, gym training, or lifestyle products to speed up brand awareness. The brand is set to achieve a sales target of 200 million baht by 2023. 

Within three years from now, CRAFT plans to expand their selling channels for each product category by 30% to reach customers through CRAFT stores and partner stores. 

“No matter who you are or how old you are, you can run because we have a group of runners to support you with development programs and training programs to make running much easier. Finally, we would like to thank our partner Siam Discovery and future partners for allowing CRAFT to be a part of elevating the running industry in Thailand to another level. Most importantly, thank you to all the athletes who attend our first flagship store launch today, including the PG360 team,” said Kwanpong

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