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KX partners with HashKey Capital for Southeast Asia’s Web3 ecosystem

KX is proud to announce a strategic partnership and collaboration with HashKey Capital, a digital assets and blockchain leader headquartered in both Singapore and Hong Kong. This groundbreaking partnership solidifies KX’s commitment to nurturing the digital assets and blockchain startup scene locally while also providing a launchpad for these startups to gain global prominence.  

In January 2023, HashKey Capital successfully closed its Fund III, raising an impressive $500 million from esteemed institutions and visionary investors globally. KX introduced its $100 million Web3 VC arm in September 2023, further underlining its dedication to the Web3 ecosystem. This dual initiative demonstrates a shared vision to foster the growth of Web3 on both a global and regional scale.  

HashKey Capital has already made significant inroads into the Web3 landscape, investing in many startups that are driving innovation and progress in this space. Likewise, KX boasts an impressive track record of more than 14 investment commitments globally. This union of forces between KX and HashKey Capital is set to have a far-reaching impact, amplifying the Web3 ecosystem in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.  

Key Highlights of this Strategic Partnership:

  • Catalyzing Regional Collaboration: KX serves as the gateway for global projects into the Southeast Asian market. By partnering with HashKey Capital, this collaboration aims to channel the world’s best Web3 projects and knowledge into nurturing Southeast Asia’s burgeoning Web3 ecosystem.  
  • Joint Massive Dry Power: HashKey Capital’s Web3.0 Fund III has raised a staggering $500 million, where the KX allocates $100m dedicated dry power, showcasing its ability to attract institutional and investor interest on a global scale.  
  • Blockchain for Massive Adoption: With HashKey Capital’s numerous investments, and its leading position in digital asset and blockchain Hong Kong, as well as KX’s extensive local reputation and networks in Corporate and retail developer, contributors and users. 

Commenting on this collaboration, “HashKey Capital is a leader in the global Web3 ecosystem. Our shared vision and strategic partnership will empower blockchain communities to achieve meaningful development in the digital assets and blockchain landscape regionally and globally ” – Paul Thanaarmates Arriyavat, Senior Venture Director of KX.

Head of HashKey Singapore and CEO of HashKey Capital’s CEO, Deng Chao, added, “KX’s reputation as a Southeast Asian gateway to the world makes them a natural partner for HashKey Capital. We’re excited to join forces to promote Web3 innovations, nurture local startups, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the Web3 space. Together, we are poised to leave an indelible mark on the future of digital assets and blockchain in the region.”  

This strategic partnership reaffirms KX’s commitment to fostering innovation in the Web3 ecosystem and accelerating the growth of the digital assets and blockchain industry in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. It serves as a testament to KX’s unwavering mission to bring global projects to local markets while simultaneously catapulting regional startups onto the global stage.  

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