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5 tips to make your profile stand out

In the sea of applicants on a job platform, jobseekers do not only need to keep upskilling to keep up with the ever-changing world, but also keep their profiles on the platform up-to-date. Updating one’s profile to make it stand out, thereby increasing their chances and advantage in being taken into consideration and invited for further interviews before others, takes just a few minutes.

JobsDB Thailand, a leading online employment platform in Thailand and a subsidiary of SEEK, has a few tips for the newly graduated and experienced jobseekers alike to expand job opportunities in their career paths and companies of choice more easily and quickly.

What is a JobsDB profile? How does it differ from a resume?

Like resumes, profiles on JobsDB by SEEK, a leading job portal platform, require details on educational qualifications and work experiences. What is different is the mechanism behind the scene. Details of a JobsDB profile filled in through the website are recorded as keywords searchable by employers based on required attributes. The candidate’s strengths and previous job accomplishments can also be included in a similar manner as a means to impress prospective employers.

When displaying search results containing JobsDB profiles, the platform prioritizes recently updated ones. If you regularly keep your profile up-to-date and turn the “visibility” setting on, prospective employers will have access to all information in it, including the resume and contact details, so they are able to offer you the right jobs more quickly.

5 tips to make your profile stand out

For an applicant to land the right job quickly and efficiently, their profile would have to stand out and be easily searchable for prospective employers or their HR department. Once that is the case, the applicant is more likely to be considered for an interview before others. A good JobsDB profile includes the following information.

  1. Work experiences and educational background: Prospective employers select candidates by checking whether their work experiences and educational background match the open positions.
    Tip: Work experiences should include keywords specific to the jobs offered by prospective employers, so that the AI system will detect keyword matching and notify the employers accordingly, thereby increasing your chances of being selected. As to educational qualifications, only 2–3 of them should be included. The list should start from the highest qualification and continues in descending order.
  2. Job-specific skills: The applicant should include keywords indicating hard skills (job-specific and technical skills) specific to the jobs being sought. Microsoft Office, PowerBI, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver,  HTML, PHP, AutoCAD, Matlab, SPSS and Express are some of the keyword examples.
    Tip: Soft skills (personal and social skills) should also be included, such as those related to communication, presentation, negotiation, and leadership. Meta skills (lifelong learning skills) could be added as well, to show that you have the growth mindset, teamwork, and creativity, to name but a few.
  3. Diplomas, test-result certificates, and accolades: Evidence of knowledge, capability, and potential, if included, makes the applicant stand out as someone whose employer can entrust with contributing to the actual development of the organization in the future.
    Tip: In addition to academic diplomas, diplomas for trainings on personality, social skills, and others could also be included.
  4. Language skills: Including details on language skills for at least 2 languages, i.e. Thai and English, will help your profile stand out. The more languages you include, the more prospective employers consider you a candidate.
    Tip: In addition to Thai, details on language skills for the 2nd or even the 3rd language are advisable, as 80% of employers look for applicants who can communicate in the 2nd language.
  5. Resume: The applicant should upload their resume and any supporting documents, if any, into the job platform as additional records for prospective employers to take into consideration.

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