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SCG floats ‘Sustainability for All’ concept to fight climate crisis

ASEAN’s leading conglomerate SCG is convinced that climate change is no longer an irrelevant issue, as the company is joining the efforts to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

SCG recently took part in the Sustainability Expo 2022 under the concept of Sustainability for All. The company underlined its obligation to sustainability in attaining the net zero goal through technology. For SCG, the quality of life, the environment and work efficiency can be improved with technologies. 

President and CEO of SCG Roongrote Rangsiyopash told The Story Thailand that sustainable development is now more relevant than before as the climate change issue is worsening. 

He said SCG involves itself in tackling the problem. That means the company’s long-term business plans focus on sustainable development, with investment, technology adoption and work process improvement aimed at reducing environmental issues while bringing better living to consumers and society.

SCG aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with a near-term goal of cutting down greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent within 2030, according to Roongrote.

Those goals set a clear purpose for SCG in running its business, developing innovative products, and improving its manufacturing processes. Environment-friendly technologies have been adopted, including green construction technology to reduce waste and energy consumption, as well as creating solutions for home and office amenities for better living.

According to Roongrote, SCG has invested in developing products and technologies that bring sustainability to life.

“We believe that sustainability is an essential part of doing business. It’s not just marketing. No single business can do it alone. All relevant elements in the country have to come together for cooperation,” he said.

For him, sustainability involves many aspects — business, economy, society, and the environment. And “revolution” is needed for all aspects, not just business.

“We must revolutionize society, consumer behaviours and working behaviours. We all can be part of the changes, which come with opportunities. Consumers will have more demand for green products. So, sustainability also comes with business opportunities,” Roongrote said.

At the recent Sustainability Expo 2022 (SX 2022), the largest of its kind in ASEAN, SCG took part as a co-founder  that aims for sustainability. For the company, SX 2022 offers a good opportunity for cooperation between the relevant sectors that share what they are doing regarding big projects and innovations for sustainability.

SCG also has a cooperation  with the Construction Industryr for developing long-term projects, such as research on construction waste reduction.

In addition to internal corporate development, SCG is keen on supporting young people involved in projects for sustainability. For many years, the company has played a role to improve the knowledge and skills of youths through training and mentoring. 

At SX 2022, SCG showcased environment-friendly creations by young people, such as a solution for charging electric vehicles in a building or condominium.

“SCG wants to make the world more livable for the next generation. So, we involve young people, listen to them, and let them help and work with us,” the company’s chief executive said.

“We would like to invite everyone to participate and make the world a better place to live in a sustainable way so that society and the environment can coexist with the economic and industrial sectors. It’s necessary that everyone takes part,” Roongrote concluded. 

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